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On 7-10 November 2013 Warsaw (Mazowieckie Centrum Kultury i Sztuki – Mazovia Centre for Culture and Art, ul. Elektoralna 12) will be hosting the 2nd International Festival of Contemporary Dance “Warsaw Dance Days”, a project launched by Aleksandra Dziurosz, director of the Warsaw Dance Theatre, to showcase Polish artists, both performing in their home country and abroad. The festival’s second edition will feature: the Polish Dance Theatre, Kraków Dance Theatre, Warsaw Dance Theatre, Helena Gołąb,along with foreign guests:Victoria Krajina, Michelle Azdajic, Bianca Anne Braunesberger, and the Vidlunnja Dance Theatre. Coming down for a monthly residency, choreographer Ulrike Hager will create a special performance Pink Noiseto celebrate the Warsaw Dance Theatre’s fifth birthday.

Happening in conjunction with the Warsaw Dance Days is a conference Obraz polskiego tańca na świecie[Polish Dance as Seen Abroad] and a multimedia exhibition Polski taniec w obiektywie [Polish Dance Caught on Camera], presenting photographs by Warsaw-based artists: Marta Ankiersztejn, Jarosław and Iwona Cieślikowski, and Janusz Matuszewski.

“It’s not the first time that we’ve seen the need to make and reinforce international contacts, both in the shape of experience exchange and artistic collaboration,” says Aleksandra Dziurosz, director of Warsaw Dance Days. “Polish artistic dance is currently developing at fast speed, yet this process is often hindered as choreographers migrate abroad and our Polish resources (artists, theatres and performances) are underappreciated. On one hand, this is a result of organisational, financial and logistic difficulties faced by independent companies, and, on the other, of misinformed judgement of audiences who often are too eager to value foreign works more than domestic ones, by default. Warsaw’s diverse artistic circles, paradoxically, are both are an excellent example of these problems but also possess enormous potential for significant change that may happen if international contacts are maintained. I would like the International Festival Warsaw Dance Days to release this potential,” Dziurosz added.


Thursday, 7 November, 7 pm (Widowiskowa Hall)

Sinfonia estravaganza and other, Vidlunnja Dance Theatre (UA)

Black diamond, Helena Gołąb (E/PL), Polish premiere

Friday, 8 November,7 pm (Widowiskowa Hall)

solo(w), Tauschfühlung (A/PL)
Said Unsaid,Victoria Krajina & Michelle Azdajic (BA/PL/US), Premiere

Saturday, 9 November, 3 pm (Elektorska Hall)

Conference Obraz polskiego tańca na świecie [Polish Dance as Seen Abroad],7 pm (Widowiskowa Hall)

Pink Noise, Warsaw Dance Theatre (A/PL), Premiere

During the evening you may see Otwarte foyer – Akcja Space[Open foyer – Action Space] performed by Atelier WTT and a multimedia exhibition celebrating the fifth birthday of the Warsaw Dance Theatre (the foyer of the Mazovia Centre for Culture and Art).

Sunday, 10 November, 7 pm (Widowiskowa Hall)

Hello, Stranger!Polish Dance Theatre (PL)

Cicindela, Cracow Dance Theatre (PL)

Hello, Stranger!by the Polish Dance Theatre was produced under the Młoda Polska [Young Poland] scholarship awarded by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of Poland.

The festival is accompanied by a multimedia exhibition Polski taniec w obiektywie[Polish Dance Caught on Camera] presenting photographs by Warsaw-based artists:Marta Ankiersztejn,Jarosław and Iwona Cieślikowski,Janusz Matuszewski( 7-10 November, foyer of the Mazovia Centre for Culture and Art).

***Organisers: Association Scena Otwarta, Mazovia Centre for Culture and Art, Warsaw Dance Theatre.

PartnerAutrian Cultural Forum

Financial support:Supported financially by the Warsaw City Hall.

Media patrons:Radio Kampus, e-teatr,

Artistic director: Aleksandra Dziurosz

Coordinator/inquiries: Magdalena Chabros, +48 22 586 42 04,

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