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Taking place from 17 July to 17 August, this year?s ImPulsTanz ? Europe?s leading dance festival ? will feature two presentations of Karol Tymiński?s solo entitled Beep, on 24 and 26 July at the Schauspielhaus (Porzellangasse 19).


The showcase is part of the [8:tension] Young Choreographers? Series, with which the festival audience gets an insight into the most challenging artistic approaches of a new generation of choreographers. Furthermore, the series? 14 productions are nominated for the prestigious Prix Jardin d?Europe, consisting of a Jury Award endowed with ? 10,000.  But your voice is asked, too. Vote for the brand new Fan Award!


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About the piece:


Beep presents an individual as a vessel devoid of identity or emotions. The piece is the body?s revolt against futile existence. Determined to fill in the emptiness inside, the performer goes to his physical extremes. Engrossed in movement that is both meditative and self-destructing, he is confronted with the final frontier where the relation between the body and mind changes. In the course of the piece his body passes through different levels of exhaustion, testing his and the audiences? endurance.


The title draws on beep tests used to assess subjects? endurance when faced with a long-lasting physical challenge.




Choreography and peformance: Karol Tymiński
Music: Piotr Kaliński
Lighting: Jan Cybis

Production: Fundacja Ciało/Umysł

Coproduction: APAP supported by the European Union Culture Programme

Supported by: Centrum w Ruchu, Tanzfabrik Berlin, Oplas

Created thanks to a scholarship from the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage



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