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The Body/Mind International Contemporary Dance Festival has been held annually since 1995. Every year in the autumn in Warsaw, over the course of a few days, dance and performance arts aficionados may enjoy the newest pieces developed by Polish and international choreographers. The festival aims to seek out and showcase the most interesting trends in international dance and to support creativity, progressiveness, and new quality in choreography. Body/Mind also supports young choreographers and promotes local collaborations, creating a space where Warsaw residents may actively participate in dance projects and reveal their talent to a wider audience.


From 26 September to 1 October the Body/Mind Foundation will hold the 14th Body/Mind International Contemporary Dance Festival this year. The events will take place at the Studio Theatre and the Powszechny Theatre. This year’s motto is “What You Can’t See”. Among the acts are: Borralho & Jo?o Galante with the performance installation sexyMF (last year they presented ATLAS Warszawa); Csaba Molnár with Decameron based on Boccaccio and Pasolini; David Weber-Krebs with Tonight, lights out!, which relies on input from the audience; Rachid Ouramdane with TORDRE, an attempt to find answers to the questions: Why do I dance the way I do? What do I think when I decide to perform this gesture?; and ZimmerFrei with a presentation of their project exploring contemporary family, to be carried out in eight European cities in cooperation with the partners of the Open Latitudes network, with the support of the European Union’s Culture Programme.


Poland will be represented by Ramona Nagabczyńska and Iza Szostak with their works in progress. The festival will also welcome the premiere of  Karol Tymiński’s solo This is a musical. For the first time in Poland we will see Isabelle Schad‘s Collective Jumps produced by the Art Stations Foundation of Poznań and featuring more than a dozen of Polish dancers and performers.


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The festival’s programme:




Ana Borralho & Jo?o Galante, Portugal: sexyMF

26 September | 7 pm?22.00 | Studio Theatre ? foyer

David Weber-Krebs, Belgium: Tonight, lights out!

26 September | 8 pm | duration: 50 minutes | Studio Theatre ? Malarnia

27 September | 16.00 | duration: 50 minutes | Studio Theatre ? Malarnia


Rachid Ouramdane, France: TORDRE

27 September | 18.00 | duration: 75 minutes | Studio Theatre ? Duża Scena


Karol Tymiński, Poland: This is a musical

30 September & 1 October | 7 pm | duration: 40 minutes | Powszechny Theatre ? Mała Scena


Isabelle Schad, Germany: Collective Jumps

30 September | 8 pm | duration: 60 minutes | Powszechny Theatre ? Duża Scena


Csaba Molnár, Hungary: Decameron

1 October | 8 pm | duration: 60 minutes | Powszechny Theatre ? Duża Scena


Ramona Nagabczyńska, Poland | Actions to relate to Verbs / work in progress

1 October | 6 pm | duration: 30 minutes | Powszechny Theatre ? foyer


Iza Szostak, Poland: Balet koparyczny / work in progress

1 October | 9 pm | duration: 40 minutes | Powszechny Theatre ? the foyer


Additional events


Presentation of a project:


ZimmerFrei: Family Affair

30 September | 6 pm | Powszechny Theatre ? the foyer


An Open Latitudes meeting

1 October | 10 am?5 pm | Muzeum Warszawskiej Pragi (Museum of Praga)

2 October | 10 am?2 pm





Tickets for events at the Studio:

box office: + 48 22 656 69 41,


Tickets for events at the Powszechny: office: tel.: +48 22 818 25 16, 

More information about the tickets


The festival’s website:



Co-financed by the city of Warsaw with the support of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of Poland.

Media patrons: Radio Dla Ciebie, TVP Kultura, Aktivist, Teatr, Didaskalia,,,,

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