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This year?s International Mime Art Festival is taking place on 13?22 June in Warsaw on Dramatyczny Theatre?s two stages Scena na Woli and Scena im. Gustawa Holoubka.


Held by the Warsaw Mime Center and Dramatyczny Theatre, the festival is the world?s only event to showcase silent performances exclusively. Taking to the stage this year are companies representing Germany, Russia, France, and Poland. The programme includes the premiere of Gogol inspired by the Marcel Marceau play; the best of the Bodecker&Neander duo, Warsaw?s favourites; Once by the German-Russian iconic movement theatre Derevo; a visually impressive rendition of Faust according to Goethe; and a unique Modern Mime Evening presenting artists from across the globe. 


During the festival you will also have a chance to take part in open mime workshops run by artists representing different mime schools. Everybody?s invited!


Since 2005 the festival?s artistic director has been  Bartłomiej Ostapczuk, a mime artist, teacher, mime theatre director, and founder of the Mimo Mime Theatre and the Warsaw Mime Center affiliated with Dramatyczny Theatre.  


Workshops to be held during the Mime Art Festival


Every year the workshops are graced by accomplished mime artists who are allotted a few hours to present the essence of the art of mime as they see it. The idea behind the workshops is to give participants a chance to experience a variety of mime techniques which usually translate into the final effect seen on stage.


This year?s teachers: Gregg Goldston, Aleksander Neander, Wolfram Bodecker, Lionel Menard


14th International Mime Art Festival, 13?22 June 2014


14 June GOGOL ? Warsaw Mime Center Company (Poland) ? Scena Na Woli

16 June FAUST ? Theatre Cirqus & C.O. (Germany) ? Scena Na Woli

18 June Modern Mime Evening (international artists) ? Scena Na Woli

20 & 21 June ONCE ? Derevo Theatre (Germany/Russia) ? Scena Na Woli

 22 June THE BEST OF ? Bodecker & Neander Compagnie (France/Germany) ? Scena im. G. Holoubka


For more information about the performances and workshops, go to:



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