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Friday, 5 July will set off the 4th Poland Contact Improvisation Festival “Warsaw Flow 2013”. This year the event take on a new approach – with new directions, new teachers and new ideas entering the stage, such as open warm-ups and open spaces (open also to suggestions of the participants), site-specific work and work in the open air. The festival mainly focuses on practical classes and workshops, including free of charge events of the Zielony Jazdów / Green Jazdów programme (weekend of 6-7 July). The festival is taking place at Warsaw’s Centre for Contemporary Art – Ujazdowski Castle and MDK Culture House (Młodzieżowy Dom Kultury, ul. Łazienkowska 7).

4-th Warsaw Flow:

4 international teachers

4 Polish teachers

4 dance spaces

4 perormances

Organizers of Warsaw Flow 2013 Festival:

Mmes: Paulina, 2 X Gosia, and Art Foundation PERFORM warmly co-invite you to Warsaw for a breath-taking and creative journey. Join us for a unique dancing and merry-making experience!

IV Flow Warsaw festival is about new approach:
New teachers, new directions of developments as well as a new partners, we offer new ideas like: open warm-up and open space (open to suggestions all participants), and site-specific work and nature work.

Teachers in 2013:

Scott Wells (USA)

Ray Chung (USA)

Wojciech Mochniej (PL/CA)

Jacek Owczarek (PL)

Jonathan Megaw (UK)

Otto Akkanen (FI)

Paulina Święcańska (PL)

Małgorzata Pianowska (PL)

REGISTRATION and detailed information on:

We invite you warmly for pre-Festival weekend at Zielony Jazdów/ Green Jazdów project in Warsaw:

11:00-12:30 – Kundalini Tantra Joga/ Jonathan Megaw (UK)
13:30-15:00 – Acro Yoga/ Paulina Święcańska
16:00-17:00 – Meditation/ Paulina Święcańska i Jonathan Megaw (UK)

12:30-14:30 – Basics of Contact Improvisation/ Małgorzata Antonina Pianowska
15:00-16:00 – Lecture- CI social community/Małgorzata Gajdemska
16:00-16:30 – Presentation of CI technique- short performance/ Paulina Święcańska i Jonathan Megaw
16:30-17:30 – Jam session
Introduction/ Paulina Święcańska, Małgorzata Antonina Pianowska, Małgorzata Gajdemska, Jonathan Megaw (UK)

and during Warsaw Flow Festival

11:00-13:00 – Body work/Paulina Święcańska
14:00-16:00 – Laboratory of Movement /Jonathan Megaw (UK)
14:00-16:00 – Laboratory of Movement/ site specific/ Otto Akkennon (FIN)

11:00-13:00 – Body work/ nature/Małgorzata Pianowska
14:00-16:00 – Laboratory of Movement /Jonathan Megaw (UK)
14:00-16:00 – Laboratory of Movement/ site specific/ Otto Akkennon (FIN)

Movies from Warsaw Flow 2012



Evening Performance:


PR: Małgorzata Pianowska

media: Małgorzata Gajdemska

payment, booking: Paulina Święcańska,


Organizor: Artistic Foundation Perform

Partner: Center for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle/ Green Jazdów

Place: Center for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle, Jazdow 2, Warsaw

MDK/ Culture House, Łazienkowska 7, Warsaw

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