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On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, 21?23 November 2014 (7 pm) the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw will premiere MONadOLOGy. A treatise on relationality, a live stage installation based on Monadology, written by Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz. The treatise, which attempts to systemically describe how the world is built and how it operates, gains new actuality in the context of mutual interplay of human body and city. The project was conceived and directed by Aleksandra Hirszfeld, who cooperated with choreographer and text designer Marta Ziółek and stage designer Małgorzata Kuciewicz from Centrala. Performing are Agnieszka Kryst, Anna Nowicka, Katarzyna Sitarz, and Paweł Sakowicz.


Since 1714, when Monadology was written, sciences exploring human body have changed significantly, yet, as many philosophers ? including Deleuze ? have observed, Leibniz’s idea remains up to date. Networking, which seems now a natural way to think about city and communications in general, was in Leibniz times, a domain of visionaries.


The life stage installation, shaped to remind a crystal-labyrinth, will feature performance, architectural design, light design, Augmented Reality Installation, and audio installation. In its structure the installation corresponds to chosen concepts of Leibniz’s world. All elements that make up the life stage installation, like the architectural design, the audio installation or even the graphic elements that are used on the costumes, correspond to five chosen issues that organise the structure of Leibniz?s world but at the same time may be found in the contemporary world. These are: perspective, perception, networking, monologue, and repetition.


The plot of this metaphoric treatise about the world ? its structure and mode of operation ? may serve as an inspiration to rethink the relation between “I” and the contemporary world. Leibniz’s monads ? the primary substance of which the world is built ? do not have windows or doors, and thus never communicate with one another or the outside world.


The installation shows today’s monadism as happening in urban spaces and expressing itself in monologues (verbal or corporal) which we utter fervently and incessantly when faced with self, the Other, the society, the city, or the matter. These five levels: “I” ? “I”; “I” ? “the Other”; “I” ? “the society”; “I” ? “the city”; “I” ? “the matter” naturally make up five parts of the installation taking place in urban surroundings.


Please note: To fully experience the installation it is worth to have a devise (e.g. smartphone or tablet) that can read Augmented Reality NPM, e.g., available for Android and iOS on the app store.


Admission free.


Concept and director: Aleksandra Hirszfeld

Production designer: Małgorzata Kuciewicz CENTRALA

Choreography and text director: Marta Ziółek

Costumes and AR: Krzysztof Syruć

Performers : Agnieszka Kryst, Anna Nowicka, Paweł Sakowicz, Katarzyna Sitarz

Sound: Maria Kozłowska, Wojtek Urbański

Lighting installation: Architecture for Society of Knowledge, Architecture Faculty of the Warsaw University of Technology, Marcin Strzała, Jacek Markusiewicz

Production: Ela Petruk, Ewa Paradowska BĘC ZMIANA

Graphic design: Olek Modzelewski (


Organised by: Fundacja Bęc Zmiana
In association with: Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw / Studio Theatre / Architecture for Society of Knowledge


Supported by of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage


Belka Monadologia (miniaturka)

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