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La Mecedora creates a welcoming space where artists can present their dance, theatre or performance piece in a yet unfinished stage of their development. This open forum is a nomadic and playful initiative that cherishes new ideas within body related art emerging in creative processes. As an artist-run platform, La Mecedora counters economical discourses in art that focus on efficiency, time-pressure and final end products. Instead, it illuminates the rich and insightful path leading towardsthe eventual performance, dance or art piece whilst reflecting on how perceptions are conditioned by socio-economical factors.

La Mecedora in collaboration with Centrum w Ruchu and Free the Dance will host the next presentation of work-in-progress in POLAND, WARSAW at Centrum w Ruchu 18th and 19th of October at 18:00 followed by a dialogue with the audience around the works moderated by Melissa Cisneros (La Mecedora), Malgorzata Haduch (Free the Dance) and Magdalena Ptasznik (Centrum w Ruchu). The dialogue is an opportunity to share and reflect on the process of decision-making, the consequences of made choices and a methodology of one’s creative pathways. – It poses the possibility to see the work in a wider context, offering deep insight into the nature of the creative process.

Proposals will be taken into account that contains a strong conceptual basis, a clear purpose of execution and a propensity to question and stretch interdisciplinary boundaries.

If you are interested in participating send us your proposal before the 4th of October 2013 to:

Proposal should be written in English and contain the following information: title, description of the work, artistic discipline, participants, duration, short biography of the artist, director or responsible of the project, links to own work and technical requirements. The maximum length per piece is 15 minutes.

Dialog-Warszawa offers space to show your work, technical support, basic light and sound equipment to be shared among participants, rehearsal space, publicity and the possibility to come in contact with other artists in the city.


– Complementary needs should be coordinated by the artists and must adapt to the space conditions.

– On the 17th of October La Mecedora will host a meeting between organizers and participants at Centrum w Ruchu.

Dialog-WARSZAWA is a platform for artists to come together as well as building future audience. Thus artists are expected to be part of both days, as the changing role between performer/audience is part of Dialog.

More about the project and organizers:,,

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