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On Saturday, 23 September (7 pm), the FORMAT ZERO Artistic Association and Collective will premiere Iwona Wojnicka and Małgorzata Gajdemska?s I??M (ZAWIROWANIA Centre, ul. Belwederska 20/22). A dance piece inspired by the figures of Yvonne of Witold Gombrowicz?s drama Yvonne, Princess of Burgundy, and Margarita of Mikhail Bulgakov?s The Master and Margarita, I??M inspects the notions of identity, image, fluid boundaries in the world of instant changes and technology dominance? I??M is a stage work in the form of a triptych that stimulates a discussion on the structure of performance, the presence of the dancer and the number of performers.


Repeat performance: 24 September, 7 pm.


I?M… Yvonne… Margarita… reality and fiction…

two female personas …. together but separate?

between the individual and the collective….

they create and transform themselves?


[…] I”M is about two women ? Yvonne and Margarita. I”M is also a sign that immediately refers us to the English meaning of myself. Yvonne and Margaret are. The title multiplies questions. How to be Yvonne? How to be Margarita? Can one be both at once? What is hidden under these names ? what kind of women? How to be a woman? What are women like? What are we like? How to be? Who is the woman in herself, her emotionality, detached from the context of relationship, family, scheme, stereotype? Is she more like Yvonne or Margarita? Or is she perhaps usually trying to be between ? at the Great ball at Satan?s, where the outer rhythm drifts her towards  mechanical trance? Who is she? Who are they? Who are we? What does it mean to be? […]


Fragment of an essay by Marta Kawecka.


Concept: Gosia Gajdemska

choreography and dance: Gosia Gajdemska, Iwona Wojnicka

space design: Roman  Woźniak

Audio-visual composition: Wiktor Podgórski

Sound design: Rafał Smoliński

Photos and essays: Marta Kawecka

Videography: Marta Abdalla-Dutkiewicz

PR and coordination: Joanna Stasina

Production: Format Zero


Tickets: 20 PLN

Reservations until: 20 September

or in the theater before the performance


The project is co-financed by the Capital City of Warsaw.


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Dom Kultury Kadr/?Kadr? Culture Centre.

Centrum Sztuki Tańca w Warszawie/Centre for Dance Art in Warsaw

K77 Studio Berlin

SE.S.TA ? Centrum choreografického rozvoje Praha


Dom Kultury Kadr (miniaturka) Centrum Sztuki Tańca w Warszawie 2017-2019 (miniaturka) SE.S.TA (miniaturka)


Teatr Academia (miniaturka)  Scena Współczesna (miniaturka)Zawirowania (miniaturka)


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