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The new version of Guilherme Botelho?s Sideways Rain featuring Polish dancers/performers will take place as part of the 15th Body/Mind Festival. The project of an exchange between Swiss Alias group and Polish dancers was initiated by Body/Mind Foundation and Alias, in cooperation with Kielce Dance Theatre.The performance premieres in Studio Theatre on Friday 30 September at 9 p.m. The next staging is of Saturday 1 October at 6 p.m. The choreographer will hold a meeting with the audience after the second show. The performance will be presented in Kielce on 14 October.


About the performance:


A hypnotic race which, contrary to the choreographer?s other works, does not draw inspiration from everyday life but emerges from complete abstraction. Ostentatious manner in which dancers cross the stage, without any roles or motivation, brings out a magnetic force in them and becomes a symbol of synergy between cosmic force and human life.

Choreographic steam-roller composed of fifteen bodies is moving relentlessly from the left to the right side of the stage. Rhythmical gestures and minimalist movements reflect the cycle of birth and death, integrated into a consistent and precise composition. Anonymous figures flowing through the stage like time vectors. The unforgiving character of this movement comes from afar and constitutes a continuation of the primal pace, travelling of a comet, the depths of the sea and the movement of bacteria. The energy emanates onto the dancing bodies and audience. One needs to find an algorithm in this rapid flow of figures and succumb to its oppressive tenderness.


According to Botelho, a human being represents presence being older than himself. The bodies go across the stage one after another in the act of repetition, creating traces of the inevitably renewing indifference. The dancers try to keep up their own pace, they race and pass each other but never meet.


It is a moving story about memory, the intimate and individual memory of a body as well as the common public cultural space.

Guilherme Botelho?s masterpiece from 2010 will be adapted in Warsaw with the participation of Polish dancers.


Performers: Amaury Réot, Adriano Coletta, Victoria Hoyland, Angela Rabaglio, Joanna Wachnienko, Izabela Zawadzka, Arkadia Ślósarska, Marta Starostecka, Krzysztof Dziarmaga, Tomasz Słomka, Kamil Zdańkowski, Aleksander Staniszewski, Liwia Bargiel, Kamil Wawrzuta, Jan Grządziela, Natalia Dinges, Helena Ganjalyan

Producer: Sara Dominguez, Christophe Drag

Production: Sideways Rain: Alias ?

Co-production: Sideways Rain: La Bâtie ? Festival de Geneve, Théâtre du Crochetan, Théâtre Forum Meyrin


The initiator of the artistic exchange between Alias Cie and Polish dancers is C/U Foundation and Alias Cie.


Production in Poland: Body/MindBody/Mind Foundation

Curator: Edyta Kozak
Production manager: Małgorzata Haduch

Co-production in Poland: Alias Cie |  Kielce Dance Theatre


The piece is  produced in cooperation with the Institute of Music and Dance under the programme 2016 “Choreographic Commissions“.


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Guilherme Botelho ? adancer and choreographer born in S?o Paulo. He fell in love with dance at the age of 14 after seeing Family Affairs, a performance by Oscar Araiz. Five years later, he joined the choreographer at the Ballet du Grand Théâtre in Geneva. In 1994, he founded his own company, ALIAS, which celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2014. His choreography touches on major aspects of the human condition such as social masks, genetic manipulation or a frantic quest for love (his first work En manqué). The notion of fate or destiny, along with chaos, disintegration and randomness constitute ongoing themes of his work. His most recent pieces, Antes and Iyouhesheitweyouthey, follow along the lines of Sideways Rain and combine the abstract theatrical dynamic and repetition as the main composition principle. Some 20 of his ALIAS choreographic works have been so far presented on four continents in hundreds of recreations. Botelho?s pieces are also regularly restaged by important cultural institutions, festivals, theatres and ballets.


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