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A new solo by Marysia Stokłosa Intercontinental will be premiered on Wednesday, 28 November (7.00 pm). It will be performed in Warsaw (Soho Factory, Koło Theatre Studio, 25 Mińska St.), at New Dance Review. The performance is set in changing landscape of blue mattresses. The artist is undertaking various tasks one by one: she is testing her own physical fitness and trying to overcome fear. We observe an unstable relation between the object and the subject – the mattresses are both the elements of setting and leaders of various scenes.

Intercontinental is a search for intimacy, where there is no other human being around. Is an attempt to find solace in company with imaginary characters.

When you are falling down, all you can do is believe that right at the bottom there is a huge pile of mattresses.

Marysia Stokłosa is an artist of APAPnet (Advancing Performing Arts Project). Network is composed of 8 European Performing Arts organisations. BODY/MIND Foundation joined the network this year.

The performance supported by: Tragant Dansa in Barcelona, M&I Sulewscy Dance Academy, Studio Buffo Theatre.

„ Koło” Theatre Studio, Soho Factory
Intercontinental (premiere)
Choreography and dance: Maria Stokłosa

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