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The fifth lecture in the Points of Convergence series (26 June, 6 pm, Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, ul. Emilii Plater 51) will  be devoted to blackness and performance, and will be run by Fred Moten. By way of the path-breaking interventions of black feminist critics Hortense Spillers and Saidiya Hartman, this lecture seeks to establish an understanding of flesh, in its difference from the body, that will provide the basis not only for a theory of black performance but also for a theory of the irreducible force of blackness in performance.


Implied, here, is a distinction between blackness and the people who are called black. The lecture is predicated on two notions, which it will attempt to instantiate: that performance is a crucial element for any rigorous understanding of this distinction; that this distinction is a crucial element for any rigorous understanding of art in the modern world. The following day, Professor Shannon Jackson will run a seminar (registration already closed).


Fred Monten ? specialist in Afro-American art and culture (black studies), within the framework of which he mainly deals with issues from the field of performance, poetry and critical theories. The author of: Arkansas (Pressed Wafer Press, 2000), Poems (with Jim Behrle; Pressed Wafer Press, 2002), In the Break: The Aesthetics of the Black Radical Tradition (University of Minnesota Press, 2003), I ran from it but was still in it (Cusp Books, 2007), Hughson?s Tavern (Leon Works, 2008) and B Jenkins (Duke University Press, 2010); lecturer on modern poetry at the Riverside University w USA.


The cycle Points of covergence held at the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw is implemented in association with the Institute of Music and Dance in Warsaw. 


Cycle: Points of Convergence

Hosted by: Magda Lipska

Language: Lecture held in English

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