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On 3?6 June 2016 (Friday and Saturday at 7 pm, Sunday at 6 pm) the Kameralna Stage of the Teatr Wielki ? National Opera in Warsaw will host the performances of works realised as part of the Creations 8 ? the eighth edition of the annual choreographic workshops run by the Polish National Ballet. The artists who realised choreographic miniatures this year include Robert Bondara, Jacek Tyski and Anna Hop ? choreographers with whom Warsaw audiences are already familiar. Thanks to the workshops initiated by ensemble director Krzysztof Pastor, they have already created full-sized ballet performances for the Kameralna Stage. The presentation will also include pieces by Polish National Ballet dancers Paulina Jurkowska, Lachlan Phillips, Viktor Banki and Kurusz Wojeński, as well as by this year?s debutantes Lorenzo Alberti, Łukasz Tużnik and Bartosz Zyśk.


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