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On Wednesday, 6 February, at 7.00 pm, Remus Theatre Association from Warsaw is pleased to invite you to the premiere of Obsession, taking an original look at discrimination. The performance will take place in komuna//warszawa (30/32 Lubelska Street, 1st floor) because of the fire in the theatre’s building at Targowa Street. The ensemble of Remus Theatre gathered authentic stories of the victims of racial aggression. These heartbreaking stories are in contrast to the aesthetics of distant cultures presented on a musical and choreographic level. Actors of Remus Theatre perform traditional polyphonic songs from various regions: Morocco, Uganda, Corsica, Italy, Brazil and the Balkans. The group is accompanied by outstanding foreign artists: Iranian virtuoso of Persian ney flute Mohammad Rasouli, Japanese butoh dancer Rui Ishihara and Hana Umeda, an actress performing traditional Japanese dance Nihon Buyo.

The title refers to the story of Moroccan artist, known as Malik, who was brutally beaten up while being a scholarship student in Poland: Since then […] I’m constantly looking around nervously, I’m thinking that somebody may attack me in a second. This became an obsession.


Directed by: Katarzyna Kazimierczuk

Performances in Warsaw:

6 February 2013 (premiere), 7 and 9 February, 18–24 March, 7.00 pm.

Performances outside Warsaw:

Wrocław and Opole (16–19 May) and Łomża and Białystok (29–31 May).



The performance was financed by the European Fund for the Integration of third-country nationals and the Polish government.

Unia Europejska (miniaturka)

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Trailer of Echo by Remus Theatre:

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