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Made in POLIN. Journey of Transformation is a three-day celebration of the first anniversary of the opening of POLIN Museum?s core exhibition. The three-day program comprises premieres of new artistic projects commissioned by the Museum from eminent artists. On 9-10 October (9 pm), the hall of POLIN Museum in Warsaw (ul. Anielewicza 6) will host the Krakow Dance Theatre?s Nesting choreographed by Idan Cohen. The performance will guide the audience along the cultural path bridging Poland and Israel. The use of images, movement and sound will enable us to trace back the oft unnoticed cultural links between the two cultures. The makers of Nesting take on the theme of broken links between the past and the present. The Museum?s hall will become a stage for a collaborative dance performance developed by Idan Cohen and the dancers of the Krakow Dance Theatre. The piece will feature statements from young artists whose discoveries and theses will be expressed though vivid images, bodies and emotions. Nesting turns to the concepts of family tree and nests woven of cultural memories to tell a story of looking for one?s own place.

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Nesting is a dance theatre piece developed by renowned Israeli choreographer Idan Cohen together with dancers of the Krakow Dance Theatre in association with the Krakow Festival Office and the Institute of Music and Dance in Warsaw. The project’s partners are the Museum of the History of Polish Jews in Warsaw, the Polish Institute Tel Aviv, and the Jewish Culture Festival.

Derived from the verb denoting the process of nest weaving, NESTING guides the audience down the cultural path between Poland and Israel, tracing the oft unnoticed cultural links between our past and present. The performance cast the long-discussed Polish-Israeli relations in a new perspective, featuring statements from new artists who present their discoveries and propose their thesis using vivid images, movement and sound. The dancers will speak with their bodies and emotions. 

Choreographer?s assistant: Eryk Makohon

Lighting: Eryk Makohon

Dance: Paweł Łyskawa, Magdalena Skowron, Dominik Więcek,  Katarzyna Węglowska-Król/Katarzyna Żminkowska-Szymańska


?NESTING? was produced in cooperation with the Institute of Music and Dance under the programme 2015 “Choreographic Commissions”.



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Made in POLIN celebrates the first anniversary of the opening of POLIN Museum?s core exhibition, 1000 Year History of Polish Jews. This year?s three-day program, Journey of Transformation, comprises premieres of new artistic projects, meetings, discussions and workshops addressing the subject of transformation and the ways in which it may be experienced when visiting the museum. The rich programme includes three unique theatre productions: dance performance Nesting, which uses sound, movement and images to guide the audience on their journey from Poland to Israel; Agnieszka Przepiórska?s experimental project on identity searching; and a live radio play based on Franz Kafka?s The Metamorphosis, narrated by Robert Więckiewicz.


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