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The 10th ?Zawirowania? International Dance Theatre Festival  will unfold in two editions. The summer one, taking place on 24?29 June, will be a dance showcase, while the autumn one ? to be held in November ? will constitute a choreographic contest run in association with the Warsaw Dance Platform.


The stars of the June showcase are: Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company (Israel), Daniel Abreu (Spain), LeeSaar (USA), Al.lter S.essio (France), Aura Dance Theatre (Lithuania), Norrdans (Sweden), Nadar Rosano (Israel), Zagreb Dance Company (Croatia), Quinzena de Dança de Almada (Portugal), and the Zawirowania Dance Theatre (Poland).


This year?s festival events will be taking place in four venues: the Studio Theatre, Stara Prochownia, Teatr Wielki ? Polish National Opera, and the Centre for Contemporary Art in Warsaw. Artistic presentations will be coupled with workshops as each company will run workshops apart from appearing on stage. The most interesting offer, also for non-dancers, may be workshops on the GAGA technique to be run by a GAGA certified instructor, Natalia Iwaniec.


Another interesting item on the festival?s agenda is the premiere of Out In The Line Up, created by Israel?s Nadar Rosano for the Zawirowania Dance Theatre. The piece is going to be shown alongside Rosano?s  

Asphalt on 25 June (6pm).


The organisers stress that ?after running the festival for ten years [they] are certain that nothing renders different approaches to own body, awareness, cultural differences or interpersonal relations better than dance. No language needs to be learnt. The language of the body is meaningful enough to be understood everywhere in the world. It highlights similarities and brings out differences in the way we approach tradition and innovation. Dance is not about politics, economics, or progress. It teaches you to express yourself using movement, to make a connection with your partner on stage and, most importantly, with the man in the audience, who may, too, become an active participant of the show.?




We have double invitations for four shows in store for our readers: LeeSaar (4 June, 8:30pm), Zawirowania Dance Theatre (Fuera de Campo, 26 June, 6pm), Zagreb Dance Company and Norrdans (both on 29 June, at 6pm and 8pm, respectively). To get an invitation, please answer the following question:


What was the original name of the festival?


Please submit your answers to There is a limit of one invitation per person.




The festival?s programme

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