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Nowy Teatr invites for the third edition of the showcase Generation After that starts on Thursday and will run until Saturday (28th-30th March). The theme of this year’s edition is Risky Projects therefore the showcase programme features works of artists who ? as organisers announce ? are not afraid of taking risks.


Organisers about Generation After 3:


For the third time we launch the showcase that presents theatre, dance and artists who are not afraid of taking risk. We invite curators and directors of festivals and dance/theatre centres from all over the world. The first edition of Showcase Generation After took place three years ago, in a moment of  disillusion and deep crisis. Unfortunately, times are getting more and more turbulent, and artistic activities lose the remnants of their innocence. Following numerous discussions and redefinitions, it?s high time to take a risk and act: use strengths of a strategic approach and focus on the weaknesses of tactical thinking to introduce change; risk of defining your own place between the main streams and currents by shifting accents and meanings.


Personal statements from the young generation of artists; increasingly radical means; unparalleled forms; alternative solutions; and the permanent search for cracks – this is the program of the third edition of Generation After 3: RISKY PROJECTS.


The 3 days showcase will present 14 productions that were created in Warsaw. The audience will be composed of curators and promoters representing the most important European, Asian and American, dance and theatre institutions and festivals, such as: VOLKSBÜHNE, Kammerspiele, Under the Radar Festival (New York), Hebbel am Ufer, National Theatre in Vilnius, Wiener Festwochen, Theatre Grob (Denmark), KEY Performance (Sweden), Culturescapes (Basel), TNB ? Centre Européen Théâtral et Chorégraphique Théâtre National de Bretagne (France). The organisers invited also independent curators, journalists and representatives of the Estonian Ministry of Culture, and of the Polish Institutes in Tel Aviv, Bucharest and London. The showcase aims to unite and promote Warsaw dance and theatre. To realise this goal we organise it in cooperation with Warsaw theatres, independent artists and non-governmental organisations. We want to attract the audience’s attention to Polish dance and theatre scene. The showcase’s theatre, dance and performance art presentations will be complemented by guided walks around Warsaw (with artists as guides) and debates.




Part of the showcase open to the public (all presentations are translated to English):


28th March

5.30 pm.: Fear ? dir. Malgorzata Wdowik, TR Warsaw

10 pm.: Masakra ? chor. Pawel Sakowicz, Nowy Teatr


29th March

11.15 am.: Revolution that Did Not Happen ? dir. Justyna Sobczyk, Teatr Soho


5.30 pm.: The Polaks Explain the Future ? dir. Wojtek Ziemilski, Nowy Teatr (the language of performance is English, no Polish subtitles provided)


8 pm.: Frogs – dir. Michal Borczuch, STUDIO teatrgaleria


30th March

1 pm.: Maria Klassenberg. Ecstasies ? dir. Katarzyna Kalwat, TR/ Centre of Contemporary Art  Ujazdowski Castle


2 pm and 4 pm.: Nietota ? dir. Krzysztof Garbaczewski, Teatr Powszechny


8 pm.: You Are Safe ? chor. Agata Siniarska, Nowy Teatr



Part of the showcase for invited guests only: Thriller (Pawel Sakowicz/Anna Smolar), Future Tongues (Anna Nowak), The Pure Gold is Seeping out of Me (Renata Piotrowska-Auffret), Untitled (Alex Baczynski-Jenkins), This is The Real Thing (Anna Nowicka), Holy Kluska (Agnieszka Smoczynska).


Generation After 3 full programme

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