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On 11-12 December (Friday-Saturday, 8 pm), Warsaw?s New Theatre will present  the founding performance of Jérôme Bel?s non-dance theatre company and one of the first manifestoes on this theatre language (Studio Teatralne Koło, ul. Mińska 25). Featured in Bel?s repertoire for the past twenty years, the piece keeps opening new perspectives for performance by referring to the roots of anthropology. It is also his private dance manifesto. Jérôme Bel shows the body in all of its simplicity and functionality, allowing both the dancer and the viewer to experience profound emotions. When getting acquainted with Jérôme Bel?s threatre, it is only logical to begin the adventure with Jérôme Bel.


Jérôme Bel (1995)
choreography: Jérôme Bel
dancers: Claire Haenni, Mich?le Bargues, Eric Affergan, Yseult Roch, Frederic Seguette
duration: 50 minut

Jérôme Bel (1964) ? dancer and choreographer whose hallmark is non-dance. Frequently referred to as a philosopher of dance, his productions have always been involved with the boundaries of theatrical representations. In Bel?s choreographies, the principles of dance and theatre are treated as the syntax of a language which is first analysed and then introduced to the play. Utilising dance and words by professionals and amateurs alike, his pieces may be perceived as a voice for the democratisation of dance and a departure from the virtuosity of performance as an artistic goal.

Bel creates provocative and entertaining pieces inspired by the art of performance, in which he challenges numerous dance conventions. He questions a range of habits referring to dance and dance theatre, transposing these disciplines to the field of performance. His work has been screened in museums, theatres and contemporary arts biennales. Bel is a winner of the Bessie Award for The Show Must go on (2005). In 2008, he received the Routes Princess Margriet Award for Pichet Klunchun and Myself. His most recent piece, Disabled Theater, won the Swiss Dance Award.


Tickets: PLN 40, 25


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