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On 23 January (7 p.m.) the Warsaw Dance Theatre presents Pink noise, a Polish-Austrian collaboration, to be shown at the Mazovia Region Centre of Culture and Arts (ul. Elektoralna 12). Do the bohemians of the early 19th century have anything in common with the punk counterculture? The show’s Austrian choreographer, Ulrike Hager, believes that they do – both rejected the dominating social order and saw traditional values as a thing of the past.Pink Noisecelebrates the 5th anniversary of the Warsaw Dance Theatre and was premiered on 9 November 2013 at the Warsaw Dance Days – the 2nd International Contemporary Dance Festival, during the choreographer Urlike Hager’s residency in Poland held under the auspices o the Austrian Cultural Forum.

This is what Sylwia Marciniuk wrote about the production on the blog of the Mazovia Region Centre for Culture and Arts, Blog E12:“Pink Noiseis a cry of protest against the social norms, manners and artistic conventions. The pink noise squad want to be in the limelight, adored by the masses, the want to pass through a forbidden door. (…) This group of rebels brings together independent individuals, each of whom has their own opinions and beliefs they want to utter. Yet, they come united by the same attitude to reality. (…) It is worth to see the new production of the Warsaw Dance Theatre simply to feel like one of the pink bohemians and witness the incredible work that these talented artists produce, conquering, in effect, both the stage and the audience with their bodies and expression.

Pink Noise,Warsaw Dance Theatre (AT/PL), 45’|Choreography:Ulrike Hager |Music:Aleksandra Bilińska|Stage and costume design:Karolina Fandrejewska |Dramaturgic consultant:Thomas Binder-Reisinger |Mastering:Andrzej Słomkowski|Choreographer’s assistant:Kamila Borowska |Cast:Radomir Bachar, Kamila Borowska, Dominika Dąbkowska, Anna Majder, Alisa Makarenko, Aleksandra Piechnik.

Tickets: PLN 12, available from the Mazovia Region Centre for Culture and Arts (Mon-Fri, 10am-7 pm). Inquiries: +48 22 586 42 59, +48 783 708380.

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