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On Wednesday, 11 November, the 11th ?Mózg? International Contemporary Music and Visual Arts Festival will host artists linked to the Amareya Theatre & Guests collective: Yuko Kawamoto (Japan), Katarzyna Pastuszak and Joanna Duda, who will present their pieces at the Mózg Powszechny stage in Warsaw (Powszechny Theatre, ul. Zamoyskiego 20). At 8 pm, Japanese artist Yuko Kawamoto will show here solo piece Forest Where Stardust Pikaru; at 9 pm, Katarzyna Pastuszak and Joanna Duda (Amareya Theatre & Guests) will present their Yameru maihime_prolog.


About the piece:


Forest Where Stardust Pikaru


Countless lives had became stars due to a great earthquake.

They now begin anew, propelled by a statement that children are not just part of a collection, and the owners, whose hands and feet were disjointed because of the tsunami, will never understand.

Stardust is gleaned.

It is being picked up like tiles and pebble, for the stardust that did not surface is covered with mud, and its light has flickered ever so slightly.

Mother in the earth, please be silent.


Yuko Kawamoto: dancer, choreographer and director of the ?Shinonome Butoh?company based in Tokyo, Japan. Since 1991, she has studied the Hijikata metod, supervised by Yukio Waguri. In 1991-1999, she was a member of Yukio Waguri + Kohzensha. In 2000, she founded her own company, Shinonome Butoh.



Yameru maihime_prolog is the first part of a triptych inspired by the character of Hijikato Tatsumi, the founding father of the Japanese dance butoh. The title of the project refers to his quasi-autobiographical book entitled Yameru maihime (A dancing sick princess). The piece opens a cycle in which Pastuszak draws from her childhood, and on the other hand engages in a dialogue with the concepts of the Japanese artist.


 Katarzyna Pastuszak?s Yameru maihime project coincides with the publication of her book Ankoku buto Hijikaty Tatsumiego ? teatr ciała-w-kryzysie (Ankoku buto of Hijikata Tatsumi ? the theatre of body-in-crisis), another step in Pastuszak?s exploration of butoh.

The dialogue between Pastuszak and Hijikata is deepened thanks to the cooperation with costume designer Daisuke Tsukuda, who prepared an original Japanese kimono dyed in dry mud from T?hoku, the region, where Hijikata was born.


Katarzyna Pastuszak, PhD (Gdańsk), born in 1980, is a dancer, director, theatrologist, translator, curator of the Gdańsk Dance Festival in the years 2009-2014. Since 2003 she has been co-creating the Amareya Theatre. She also directs theatre projects with disabled and blind people. In December 2014 her book Ankoku butô Hijikaty Tatsumiego ? teatr ciała-w-kryzysie (Ankoku buto of Hijikata Tatsumi ? the theatre of body-in-crisis) was published by Universitas. Led by Pastuszak, the Amareya Theatre was recommended by the 2014 jury of the Polish Dance Platform to present their works as a part of ?Wizytówka artysty? [Artist at a glance].


Joanna Duda (Gdańsk), born in 1983, is a pianist, composer. She completed her secondary music education in Gdańsk and is a graduate of the Music Academy in Gdańsk. She also studied at the H. Majewski Post-Secondary Jazz Programme in Warsaw, graduating in 2009. Joanna Duda regularly cooperates with the Amareya Theatre by making music to plays 2 and Fetish.WTF, Nomadka and to the performance FRAGILE.




Tickets: PLN 20 (full price tickets) / PLN 15 (reduced tickets)


More on the festival and tickets:

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