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As part of the cycle Centre in Process 2017 the Centre in Motion will hold a premiere presentation of a piece titled Polowanie [Hunting] developed by Weronika Pelczyńska in collaboration with other artists. The premiere will take place on 8 September (7 pm), with a repeat performance on 9 September (6 pm), both at the seat of Komuna//Warszawa (ul. Lubelska 30/32, Warsaw).


The performance is a process of disclosure of records of reality in contemporary, continuously surveyed and tracked bodies. It is not the body and its biological life, however, that are host to our experiments. It is the language through which our experience is textualised or becomes inaccessible to us. We cease to understand the signals emitted by our own body. The vaults of our language, the outside of its reach, is inhabited by particular bodies which bear illegible inscriptions of fear. The discovery of hidden and socially excluded experience of the body is key to recognize the reality in which distribution and management of fear has become the governing principle of power practices.


Modern-day power tactics in the West also entails the proliferation of fear of terrorist attacks and the anxiety of the invasion of ?non-Western others?. Economically, we are in the position of perpetual debtors, fearful of news of capitalist practices outside of the Western world. The continuity of class and racial divisions contained within the disseminated system of Western values transforms us into silent witnesses of what we are unwilling to accept. Governed this way, entities/bodies ceaselessly negotiate with fear, that of their own, and that of others.


The ?human rights? conventions do not guarantee a fearless life. Fear is guilt and an internal problem of individuals. We internalise and record the lack of particular values in our bodies due to the fear that we experience. We wish to be placated by medicine and police, we yearn for tons of psychotropic remedies and ongoing surveillance. The primal fear with which we are born is used, processed into political and social experience which (de)forms and transforms our bodies.

That which is our own and private is subject to politicization, as it becomes a means through which power encroaches upon our lives. The culturally undisclosed and symbolically unexpressed fear of birth, which haunts every mother and every child, is stolen and transformed into trauma, thus facilitating the growth of compensatory need of power.

Some of the particularly significant notions in the project include:
fear of corporeal boundaries / animalistic fear / being paralysed with fear / overwhelming fear / panic / fear of being followed / fear of being rejected, lonely / fear of inflicting evil / aggression triggered by fear / fighting fears / fear of physical annihilation / fear of pain / fear of the dead, ghosts, death / fear of being left with no money / fear of others / fear of the non-human.

Performed by: Izabela Chlewińska, Magdalena Fejdasz, Weronika Pelczyńska, Łukasz Przytarski, Jan Miklaszewski

Created by: Weronika Pelczyńska, Agnieszka Zawadowska, Monika Nyckowska, Jacqueline Sobiszewski, Antonina Benedek,Jan Miklaszewski

Production, publicity: Maria Sapeta, Ewa Kędziora, Magdalena Pelczyńska-Korzun 

The event is organised as part of the cycle:
Centre in Process 2017

Organised by:
Burdąg Foundation, Centre in Motion


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Co-financed by the capital city of Warsaw



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Sponsors: DE SOTO Sp. z o.o. ; Peltech

Media patrons:
Zwykłe Życie, magazyn SZUM,, Teatr Dla Was,, RDC Radio dla Ciebie

Graphic design:
Antonina Benedek

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