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On Saturday, 23 March, at 7 pm, the Museum of Modern Art in association with the Institute of Music and Dance present Ramona Nagabczyńska’s performance Accumulation© Trisha Brown, which premiered last year as part of the RE//MIX project run by komuna//warszawa. This time the show will be presented as part of the Institute of Music and Dance’s programme Stage for Dance.

Ramona Nagabczyńska about the show:

Knowledge is a product of accumulation of personal experiences and collective cultural history. Every show is a show of memory. The Latin word ‘inventario’ meant both invention and inventory – terms intuitively perceived as opposite by many, but inseparably linked to one another. Creation, cognition, reception, these all happen through the agency of accumulation. I am interested in the spectator’s changing perception in a historical context and in the artist’s changing attitude to the creative process, his art being set in a context defined by a given discipline’s output so far. Considering the availability of a great number of media and the tendency to continuously enlarge and improve, today, the concept of accumulation must evoke different associations than it did in 1970s when Trisha Brown created her first accumulation-based works. I would like to underscore this fact and confirm that past output is a bottomless source, not an inhibiting limitation. This show is going to be an accumulation of quotations.

Choreography and performance:Ramona Nagabczyńska

Music:Alexander Zekke

Video displays:Miguel Nieto

Lighting:Jan Cybis

Production:komuna//warszawa in association with the Institute of Music and Dance

To find out more about Stage for Dance 2013, please go to:

Ramona Nagabczyńskabegan her dance education at the Ballet School in Warsaw. After receiving her diploma, she went on to study contemporary dance at Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst in Frankfurt on the Main, and then at the London Contemporary Dance School. Having completed her education, she danced for the Polish Dance Theatre, Saju Hari (UK), Darkin Ensemble (UK), Tom Dale Company (UK), 30 Bird Productions (UK), Carrie Cracknell and Lucy Guerin (UK/Australia), Emmy Martin (Ireland), David Wampach (France), Uia Sickle (Belgium/Canada), Marysa Stokłosa (Poland), Kaya Kołodziejczyk (Poland), Good Girl Killer (Poland) and Clod Ensemble (UK), with whom she have been cooperating since 2008. Also in that year she joined the international collective Universal Law of Impermanence (U/LOI). Her first project, Man’s Best Friendcame to life in 2009 as part of the programme Solo Projekt run by Stary Browar Nowy Taniec. Here later works include the video installation Turao/Dziw(2010),New (Dis)Order(2012) and her latest production, Akumulacja© Trisha Brown, produced by komuna//warszawa as part of the RE//MIX series. In 2012 Ramona won the Młoda Polska scholarship.

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