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Curator Adam Kamiński presents the 10th Mandala Performance Festival set to take place on 9-11 May at the Centre of Artistic Initiatives in Wrocław, Poland. The main idea behind the jubilee edition is to present the art of contemporary dance and performance art. The festival will revolve around interpersonal relations, our ability to communicate with other human beings, resolve conflicts and deal with problems; it will also look into the need for freedom and authenticity in contemporary world. Art?s dynamic development obliterates long-established concepts and notions. The programme of this year?s edition is highly diverse, featuring three debuting Polish works along with foreign pieces never before shown in Poland.


Javier Pablo Camara and Maciej Sado will delve into the body?s process of adaptation and its sensitivity to external and internal factors. The Pink Mama Theatre of Bern will analyse human identity and alienation by means of a combination of dance, music, speech and improvisation. Clara Saito and Nicolas Roses will focus on manipulation and the limits of intimacy, inviting the audience to actively interact with the performers. Aurora Lubos will turn her dancing solo into a dramatic study of violence, while the Wrocław Mime Theatre will present its first collaboration with choreographer Anna Piotrowska. Their History of Ugliness is constructed using contemporary dance techniques, challenging the company?s mime artists to once again embrace new domains of movement. Finally, actress Magda Tuka and dancer Anita Wach will ponder overcoming personal limitations against the backdrop of sporting endeavours.   


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