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On Saturday, 12 July (6:30pm) and Tuesday, 15 July (7:30pm) the 10th Brave Festival Sacred Body? in Wrocław will present Three Studies of Flesh  by Melanie Lomoff.


The starting point of this work are the shapes inherent in Francis Bacon?s triptych paintings. Melanie Lomoff is interested in Bacon?s interpretation of ? human figures? within a language evoking distortion, creating Hybrid creatures, a kind of anthropomorphic presence, a distortion of the envelope of the flesh. The artist finds this particularly interesting as a starting point for her pointe work, where she is interested in creating a tension between form, constraint and distortion, imbalance.

This piece was entitled a ?study? also because it uses a swinging movement set to a ?written? choreography and because it is an interactive research for a means of expression to live performance by Josh Anio Grigg.


The piece will be shown at the Polski Theatre?s Świebodzki Train Station Stage (20c Orląt Lwowskich Square).





Melanie Lomoff studied at the Conservatoire National Supérieure de danse de Paris. Whilst still at school in 1996 she danced for Karine Saporta in Le Spectre ou les man?ges du ciel. The following year she became a member of the Montalvo/Hervieu company where she danced in Paradis, Le Jardin io io ito ito, La Mitrailleuse en Etat de Grace, Babel Heureuse, On Danfe, Festival of Cannes, touring all over the world in the biggest venues and festivals. A highlight of her time with the Montalvo/Hervieu company came in November 2000 when she won the Grand Prix at the Paris International Dance Competition. Since 2006 she has been working  with Les Ballets C de la B first of all for VSPRS (Alain Platel) and Patchagonia (Lisi Estaras) and then for Out of Context (Alain Platel), touring these pieces around the world. For the last two years she has been developing her own work as a choreographer, performing in the UK, South Korea, Italy and France.


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