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On Saturday, 25 March 2017 (7 pm), the Wrocław Opera (ul. Świdnicka 35) will host the premiere of Jacek Tyski?s ballet night Femme fatale. Choreographed by Tyski, the presentation of the piece will mark the company?s first premiere under new management. With Marcin Nałęcz-Niesiołowski taking over as the director of the Wrocław Opera, its ballet company also saw the appointment of Magdalena Ciechowicz as the new director, while the function of choreographer-in-residence was entrusted to Jacek Tyski (starting this season). One key change in the activity of the company is the introduction of ballet pieces presented with live music performed by the Orchestra of the Wrocław Opera.


Jacek Tyski?s ballet night Femme fatale is comprised of two familiar European ballet works: Manuel de Falla?s El amor brujo and Rodion Shchedrin?s Carmen-Suite based on Georges Bizet?s timeless classic. The two pieces provide Tyski (who previously collaborated  with the Polish National Ballet, working under John Neumeier) with a platform for artistic experimentation. The stage design and costumes for Femme fatale were designed by Renata Bonter-Jędrzejewska (El amor brujo) and Tijana Jovanović (Carmen ? Suita), while the lighting was designed by Christian Sellin.


About the piece:

What kind of a child had Carmen been before she became the charming seductress? What was her personality formed by? What made the corset of social roles and expectations too tight for her? While seemingly composed and reserved, Carmen?s masks hides boiling emotions, inexpressible and all-embracing, which determine her decisions. Carmen thrusts herself into the whirlpool of life, entering the unknown. Attracted by mystery, she treads on the verge of the precipice, leading herself into temptation, rubbing shoulders with the fervour that leads to self-combustion. 


Choreography: Jacek Tyski

Conductor: Marcin Nałęcz-Niesiołowski

Costumes (El amor brujo): Renata Bonter-Jędrzejewska

Stage design and costumes (Carmen-Suite): Tijana Jovanović

Lighting design: Christian Sellin


Repeat performances:

26 March, 6 pm

28-29 March, 7 pm

22 April, 7 pm

3 June, 7 pm 

More information:

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