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Studio Matejka would like to invite you to a premiere of its new work entitled “Net”. The premieres will take place on 9-10 December at 7 pm, whereas the audience will be able to join an open rehearsal on 8 December at 7 pm ? admission free, advance booking required. Venue: Grotowski Institute, Na Grobli Studio, ul. Na Grobli 30/32.


About the performance:


the net stretches from end to end. behind it, another net

it is impossible to get anywhere

do we create it ourselves, do we fall into it, is there something that pulls us in?

can we break free from it, cut through it, reweave it?


where is the human being?

how to find humanity in a world of illusions and artificial needs where everything is for sale?

how to remain yourself in the midst of this? do we have to reinvent ourselves again and again

in a space that restricts passions, suppresses desires and feelings, fuels internal conflicts?

can we undergo a transformation?


I cannot separate myself from my body, my body cannot separate itself from myself

the inside and outside are only divided by a flimsy layer

the poetry of epidermis

I want to feel with my body

I want to remember my pain and pleasure


the net of beginnings and ends exists in infinite forms, in missed and taken opportunities

I want to recall my beginning. I want to remember


I want to jump and fall

I want to soar and die

and to be born again


Directed by Matej Matejka
Performer: Agnieszka Ćwieląg
Visuals: meg janus
Music: Maciej Hanusek
Light: Kamil Piwko
Running time: 50 min.


Studio Matejka is a physical theatre laboratory exploring 21st-century performance techniques. It uses the established approaches and regimes as a springboard for pedagogic and creative exploration, charting a map of discoveries and integrating them into its ongoing work. The connections that emerge in the creative work go beyond this division into techniques, taking inspiration mostly from the culture of the body, dance and theatre and from various training regimes and acting techniques. The studio combines modern media rigorous work centred around the phenomena of the ?presence? of the performer.


More information:


Admission: 15 PLN

Bookings and tickets:; tel. 71 34 45 320

Online tickets

Please note that all booked tickets must be collected from the Office (Przejście Żelaźnicze) no later than one day before the chosen performance.


Created during an artistic residency at the Grotowski Institute in Wrocław

 Wrocław Miasto Spotkań (miniaturka)


The project is supported by funding from the Municipality of Wrocław


Gatta (miniaturka)

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