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On 23-26 April 2015 the Grotowski Institute in Wrocław (Rynek-Ratusz 27, Na Grobli 30/32) is holding another practical seminar in the BodyConstitution series. The programme includes free training sessions in aikido, capoeira, and kalarippajattu, a talk, performances, and work demonstrations. The theme of this year’s seminar identity ? a key issue in acting practice. The core of BodyConstitution are groups currently in residence at the Grotowski Institute. They either deal with distinct physical techniques/traditions or have developed their own methods of performer training. The participants of the BodyConstitution programme are Studio Kalari (led by Sankar Lal Sivasankaran Nair and Justyna Rodzińska-Nair), Studio Dwóch Ścieżek (led by Przemysław Błaszczak and Jakub Gontarski), Teatr ZAR (led by Jarosław Fret), Studio Matejka (led by Matej Matejka), and Grupa Jubilo (led by Diego Pileggi, Agnieszka Bresler, and Joshua Doerksen). They will run aikido, capoeira, and kalarippajattu classes.


The Grotowski Institute, in association with the Oslo National Academy of the Arts and the Ludwik Solski Academy for the Dramatic Arts in Kraków ? Acting Faculty in Wrocław, wishes to set up a space for meetings, exchanging of experiences, and learning from invited teachers, prominent artists, and masters of movement techniques, representing different traditions and methods of bodywork (martial arts, techniques fusing theatre, dance, and contact improvisation). The exchanges are going to take place both on a practical level during workshops and in the form of theoretical reflection. Consequently, students and teachers of acting schools form Poland and Norway as well as participants of the study programmes taking part in the BodyConstitution programme will participate in closed workshops led by Savvas Stroumpos and Mario Barzaghi.


The following talks and work demonstrations are open to the public:

On 23 April (5 pm) Piotr Bursiewicz will talk about actor physical activity as seen from the perspective of sport rehabilitation. On 24 April (4:30 pm) Savvas Stroumpos of the Attis Theatre (Greece) will present the method of Theodoros Terzopoulos. On Saturday (4:30 pm) Simona Sala and Sankar Lal Sivasankar Naira will demonstrate their practice. The presentation, conducted  with the participation of Daisuke Yoshimoto, will focus an actor?s physical preparation for training seen as a dramatic process. On the last day of the seminar, at 5 pm, you are invited to a presentation by actor and kathakali dancer Mario Barzaghi of Teatro dell?Albero (Italy). Talks and presentations will take place at the Laboratorium Theatre.


On 24 April (8:15 pm) Daisuke Yoshimoto will perform in the square outside St. Elizabeth Church in Wrocław (ul. św. Mikołaja). The butoh master’s Witness is an important voice in the discourse on the actor?s/performer?s identity. It shows the multitude of possible artistic identifications and the diversity of definitions of the performer?s subjectivity. By including Daisuke Yoshimoto?s action in the programme of the BodyConstitution practical seminar the organizers ask how a testimony can change and constitute an actor?s identity, how a performer can give testimony and call oneself as a witness to testify to events that are not part of his experience?


On 25 and 26 April, Teatr ZAR will present Armine, Sisterat Studio Na Grobli.

To book free tickets, please send an e-mil to

tel. 71 34 45 320.




BodyConstitution is a year-round programme of research in practice run by the Grotowski Institute. It involves a number of studios set up to analyse in practice various physical traditions and to incorporate their principles into performer training. It is a programme of practical seminars, open workshops and work demonstrations; a platform for conscious, consistent and responsible work on the body through the creation of a ?lexicon? of analysis and description of movement techniques and practices. BodyConstitution combines action and reflection to build a deep body culture.


The seminar is a part of the project BodyConstitution: Intercultural Dialogue on Actor Training, a series of workshop sessions, academies, and seminars with drama school students from Poland and Norway, undertaken as part of the programme Promotion of Diversity in Culture and Arts within European Cultural Heritage within the EEA FM 2009?2014.


Financed by the EEA funds provided by Iceland, Lichtenstein, and Norway, as well as domestic resources.



The organisers receive the right to change the programme.

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