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We are pleased to announce that on 18-20 August 2018, the Zawirowania Dance Theatre will perform at the international contemporary dance festival New Dance for Asia 2018 in Korea. The company?s visit to Korea is organised as part of the ?Cultural Bridges? programme implemented by the Adam Mickiewicz Institute. New Dance for Asia 2018 will mark the 7th edition of the international contemporary dance festival, organised by Designare Movement, an independent dance school in Korea directed by Yu Ho-Sik. The Festival aims to showcase the diversity of Asian dance while also encouraging international collaboration. This year?s edition will be held under the lead theme ?Asia?s Light? on 16-25 August 2018 at the Mary Hall Grand and Small Theater at Sogang University. The lineup includes 68 artists from 13 countries, including Korea, Japan, China, Thailand, Singapore, Hong-Kong, Macao, Malaysia, Vietnam, Laos, the United States, Poland, Italy, and Spain. Apart from the festival presentations, the event will be accompanied by special workshops and symposia.


Dates of events featuring the Zawirowania Dance Theatre at the New Dance for Asia Festival:

18 August ? dance workshops,

19 August ? presentation of Wybieg [Runway]

20 August ? symposium on the centenary of the Polish avant-garde


Wybieg [Runway] is a collage of images, in which clichés from dancing shows are juxtaposed with archetypical images of male-female relations and elements of the performers? private lives. The world premiere took place at the San Luis Potosi Culture Centre in Mexico. A catwalk is not only a place where models present outfits, but also an excuse, a means to shed trouble by falsifying reality. In a relationship, we are making an attempt to prove our domination, force our partners to admire and respect us, make them become dependent on us. We give in to the tyranny of their expectations, but in fact, it is ourselves that we tame in the process.



Dancers: Elwira Piorun, Szymon Osiński,

Choreography: Karolina Kroczak

Lighting design Witold Kaczkowski

Artistic director: Włodzimierz Kaczkowski



Karolina Kroczak is a dancer, choreographer, pedagogue, graduate of the Faculty of Polish at the University of Warsaw (major: cultural studies, M.A. in cultural anthgopology). She dances and develops choreographies at the Zawirowania Dance Theatre, whom she joined in 2006. She participated in such pieces as Nic tylko błękit [Nothing But Blue], Chopin Ambiente, Innocent when you dreamFuera de Campo choreographed by Daniel Abreu, as well as Zbliżenia [Close-ups]. From 2005 to 2007, she contributed to the educational project Wyższa Szkoła Sztuk Performatywnych [School of Performing Arts]. She also participated in a number of independent dance productions, collaborating with such artists as Jaro Viňarský, Hilke Diemer, Georg Blaschke, Juan de Torres. In her artistic activity, she continues her research in anthropology of performance, depth psychology, process psychology, and spiritual psychology in creative activities. She has choreographed and directed such pieces as Tropiciele [Trackers] ? in collaboration with the Egurrola Dance Studio and its students; Voices; as well as Rzeczy, rzeczy, rzeczy? [Voices; Things, things, things?]. She has collaborated on a number of theatre productions (Capitol Theatre in Warsaw, exchange platform Arteria) and TV shows (e.g. as choreographer with TVN?s You Can Dance ? po prostu tańcz).


The symposium will be devoted the centenary of the avant-garde in Poland. It will feature a lecture on the most important figures and phenomena of the inter-war avant-garde and the artists working on avant-garde premises in the post-war period in Poland. During our lecture we will present many works of Polish artists who actively created and propagated the ideas of a new art. These include Leon Chwistek, Tytus Czyz?ewski, Zbigniew Pronaszko, Władysław Strzemin?ski and Katarzyna Kobro. The lecture will use video projections.


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