Cracovia Danza Court Ballet

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Balet Dworski Cracovia Danza

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The Cracovia Danza Court Ballet is the only professional court and historical dance ensemble in Poland, founded by Romana Agnel, a dancer, choreographer and teacher. For many years, the Cracovia Danza Court Ballet has worked on the re-creation of traditional court dances and ballets of different countries and periods, producing dance performances spanning from the Middle Ages till today. Performances feature choreographies, costumes, music and courtly etiquette, being an inherent part of their drama, all of which refer to the traditions and history of dance theatre in Europe. The group also specialises in the reconstruction of traditional Polish dances, by creating unique performances based on compositions and forms of national and folk dances of different periods.

By collaborating with first-class choreographers and various dance experts, the Ballet’s performances comprise an exceptionally rich, varied and ingenious array.


The group’s repertoire includes the following performances: Dances and Entertainments of the Middle Ages, Chess based on a poem by J. Kochanowski, The Judgement of Paris based on a play by J. Locher, Sobieski and Marie Casimire, Ballet des Nations, Chopin’s Dance World, At the Old Cinema, Poland – India: Conversations, Colours of Poland according to Karol Szymanowski. Performances referring to the history and traditions of the Royal City of Cracow hold a special place in the Ballet’s repertoire, including The Legend of Queen Jadwiga based on a story by L. Rydel, Queen Bona’s Masquerade, Alla Polacca – Old Polish Dances in Vignettes.


The Cracovia Danza Court Ballet is recognized both in Poland and abroad. It participates in prestigious opera and ballet productions as well as cultural projects. Over the years, it has collaborated with such institutions as: the Teatr Wielki – Polish National Opera in Warsaw, the Warsaw Chamber Opera, Margrave’s Opera House in Bayreuth, the Royal Castles in Cracow, Warsaw and Niepołomice, the Palaces (Museums) in Wilanów and Nieborów, the Philharmonic Orchestras of Warsaw, Cracow and Łódź, the National and Historical Museums in Cracow, as well as various Music Academies and Polish Institutes.


As well as its artistic activities, the Ballet also pursues its other primary mission which is educational work for all age groups. Teaching of the history of dance is carried out through workshops, conferences, publications, lectures and themed exhibitions.


The majority of the Cracovia Danza Court Ballet’s performances and artistic undertakings are accomplished in collaboration with distinguished instrumentalists and renowned Early Music Ensembles, such as: “The Spirit of Gambo” (Hanover, Germany), “Il Tempo” (Warsaw, Poland), “Le Concert de l’Hostel Dieu” (Lyon, France), “La Grande Ecurie Et La Chambre De Roy” (France), “Ricercar Consort” (Brussels, Belgium), “Collegium Marianum” (Prague, Czech Republic), “Consortium Sedinum” (Szczecin, Poland), “Ars Cantus” (Wrocław, Poland), “United Continuo Service” (Germany), “Intrada” (Cracow, Poland) and Maria Pomianowska with her Ensemble (Warsaw, Poland).


The Cracovia Danza Court Ballet (together with the Ardente Sole Foundation and the Villa Decius Association) is a co-organizer of the Cracovia Danza Court Dance Festival. This event, having its own place on the calendar of cultural events in Cracow, is held annually in the capital of the Lesser Poland region at the end of July and the beginning of August. Through its artistic and educational work, the Cracovia Danza Court Ballet acts as a unique ambassador of Polish art and culture on a global scale.

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