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Szaza’s music is a unique mix of seemingly contrary extremes: noise and silence, pop music and contemporary chamber music, beauty and ugliness, sophisticated wisdom and pure, naive thoughtlessness. Using clarinet and violin, voice, analogue loops and subtle effects, the musicians try to find unity in these opposites and to free both the stage and the audience from the bonds of rules and cultural “settings”.

Sometimes their performances turn into a grotesque, dark play, performance, and in other cases into an extremely serious and profound musical statement, constantly interacting with the audience. Their presence on stage prevails: we observe the creative act itself in its genuine and real form, liberated, unhindered by the concert or performance convention.

Patryk and Paweł are musicians, improvisers, organizers, who have actively worked since 1999 on Warsaw improvised music and independent art stages. They run the Galimadjaz ( and Djazzpora ( series, which has had a significant influence on the Warsaw music stage. They took parts in projects like Tupika, Meritum, Meoma, Horny Trees, Cukunft, the clarinet quartet Ircha Pneumatic, Zakład Produkcji Dźwięku and many others they themselves can’t remember. They create music for theatre, films, silent movies, contemporary dance. They have collaborated with P. Cieplak, P. Miśkiewicz, L. Bzdyl, M. Libera, K. Globisz, M. Pieprzyca, K. Kozyra, P. Borowski and others. Their music was featured in numerous projects by institutions including Centre for Contemporary Art in Warsaw and Toruń, Zachęta Gallery, National Film Archive, Warsaw Uprising Museum, Alliance Française, Adam Mickiewicz Institute, Academy of Fine Arts, Stary (Old) Theatre in Cracow, Polonia Theatre, Nowy (New) Theatre and many others. SzaZa duo was granted a music award at the Kontrapunkt International Theatre Festival in Szczecin as well as the Minister of Culture and National Theatre’s main music award at the 15th National Contemporary Art Competition. Paweł Szamburski and Patryk Zakrocki work with the independent publishing house LadoAbc ( and the Lado Cultural Association, whose music, publishing and organizing activities, lasting for more than ten years, have contributed to the dynamic development of new music in Poland.

In 2009 they celebrated the 10th anniversary of their artistic work.



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