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Body/Mind Festival 2020: Air-like Space

The 19th Body/Mind Festival has been running since 6 July 2020. The motto of this year?s edition is Air-like Space. Space is one of the basic principles of creating dance, in which the dancer has to define himself/herself in relation to the inner space of his/her body, mind and emotions, as well as in relation to the outer space, the environment: including nature, society, the other human being/dancer. Air, understood as breath, determines the rhythm of the dance, it fills the space or creates it, it constitutes also an essential axis of the movement?s construction.   The patroness of this...


Cracow: Announcement of the programme of the Re-writing Dance Modernism Conference

The Institute of Music and Dance in collaboration with the Centre for Comparative Studies of Civilisation of the Jagiellonian University are pleased to announce the international academic conference ?Re-writing Dance Modernism,? which will be held on 21-22 September 2018 at the auditorium of Collegium Novum at the Jagiellonian University. The conference will be an attempt at devising a new perspective on the history of modern dance. Traditional histories of modern dance have been focused on its preeminent centres: Germany and the United States. Still, modern dance was a to a large extent an international, if not transnational, phenomenon, involving artists...


Warsaw: 17th edition of the Body/Mind Festival Orient Yourself! to begin soon

This year?s edition of the International Contemporary Dance Festival ?Body/Mind? is set to take place between 30 September and 5 October (Teatr Studio and Hala Gwardii) under the wordplay lead theme ?Orient Yourself!?. As it has been the case so far, the upcoming edition of the festival will cover some of the latest trends in the broadly defined dance art, while also focusing on the Middle East, or as it came to be referred to within the historical yet still applied cultural framework, the Orient. As emphasized by Edyta Kozak, the artistic director of the Festival, the 17th edition of...

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