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Kielce Dance Theatres three-part piece From Behind My Eyes set to premiere next Friday

On Friday, 2 February 2018 (6 pm, Plac Moniuszki 2B, Kielce), the Kielce Dance Theatre will premiere its three-part piece From Behind My Eyes, choreographed by Karolina Garbacik, Izabela Zawadzka and Małgorzata Ziółkowska. The piece is comprised of three different stories presenting different takes on reality and different ways of interpretation of human relations.   Part One: Giselle Act I choreographed by Izabela Zawadzka   An auteur interpretation of the Romantic ballet autorska Giselle, which recounts the story of an unfortunate love set in present-day world. Giselle?s love is informed by a sense of being misunderstood, a manifestation of seclusion from the...


Kielce/Kielce Dance Theatre: Premiere evening Intercepted/Przechwycone chor. Wojciech Mochniej

?Can you persevere in your strive for the fulfilment of your dreams? Do you stick to your own individual path in spite of adversity, or do you rather let yourself be intercepted?? ? asks Wojciech Mochniej in his most recent performance Intercepted/Przechwycone, created in cooperation with Kielce Dance Theatre.   The premiere is coming on April 25, at 7 pm on the Main Stage of Kielce Dance Theatre. The performance was produced in cooperation with the Institute of Music and Dance within the Choreography commissions 2019 programme.    Synopsis:   Intercepted on the way towards the goal?   Intercepted/Przechwycone touches on...

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