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Poznań: Premiere night of Solo Projekt Plus 2016 pieces by Ania Nowak and Katarzyna Sitarz

The Old Brewery New Dance and the Art Stations Foundations by Grażyna Kulczyk in Poznań are pleased to invite everyone to the premiere performances within the frame of Solo Projekt Plus 2016 (Saturday, 10 December 2016, 7 pm; Old Brewery, ul. Półwiejska 42, Poznań). The premiere night will feature a double bill including Ania Nowak?s duo and Katarzyna Sitarz solo piece. The performances were created in collaboration with the artistic supervisor of the project, Bush Hartshorn.   The Old Brewery New Dance and the Art Stations Foundations by Grażyna Kulczyk in Poznań are pleased to invite everyone to the premiere...


Katarzyna Sitarz in Brazil

We are pleased to report that Katarzyna Sitarz is currently teaching and performing at the VIVADANÇA Festival in Salvador, which ranks among Brazil?s standout performing arts events. As part of the festival, the artist is currently holding a workshop titled Beetween the body and the voice, and on Saturday, 28 April, she will present her solo piece Per-sona, (developed as part of the Solo Projekt Plus 2016/ Old Brewery New Dance programme, Art Stations Foundation). The presentation will take place at Teatro ICBA (6 pm).   About the workshop Between the body and the voice:   From the artist:In this 5-days workshop we...


Katarzyna Sitarz in Holland

We are pleased to announce the presentation of Katarzyna Sitarz?s solo Per-sona at the Wennekerpand Theater in Schiedam (Holland). The show will be held on Tuesday, 15 May (8:15 pm) as part of the Dans in Ontwikkeling initiative.   Dans in Ontwikkeling? (DinO) was initiated by Liat Magnezy, with the aim to create a supportive platform for emerging dance artists in their steps of becoming independent professional choreographers. The project is organized in collaboration with Theater aan de Schie and DanceMotionPicture in order to contribute to the rejuvenation and diversity of dance culture in the Netherlands.    About the performance:   Per-sona is a concert-performance for the voices of the body...


Israel: Joanna Duda and Katarzyna Pastuszak at Sukkot Dance Festival in the Negev Desert

 The Amareya Theatre is constantly on the go. Fresh from Greenland, where they presented Nomadic Woman, the artists are travelling to Israel to show a duo titled 2 at the Sukkot Dance festival at the Adama Dance Centre in Mitzpa Ramon (8 October). While at Adama, they will also run workshops on dance improvisation set to live music played by Joanna Duda (9 October), who will also give a solo concert of her compositions, which won the hears of Japanese music lovers. Amareya's trip to the Sukkot festival is supported by the Polish Institute in Tel Aviv, the Adam Mickiewicz...


Warsaw: Aleksandra Hirszfeld, Marta Ziółek premiere of “MONadOLOGy. A treatise on relationality”

On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, 21?23 November 2014 (7 pm) the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw will premiere MONadOLOGy. A treatise on relationality, a live stage installation based on Monadology, written by Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz. The treatise, which attempts to systemically describe how the world is built and how it operates, gains new actuality in the context of mutual interplay of human body and city. The project was conceived and directed by Aleksandra Hirszfeld, who cooperated with choreographer and text designer Marta Ziółek and stage designer Małgorzata Kuciewicz from Centrala. Performing are Agnieszka Kryst, Anna Nowicka, Katarzyna Sitarz, and...


Poznań: Yanka Rudzka Project: Polyphonies to premiere soon

On 8-9 September (Saturday-Sunday, 7 pm), the Art Stations Foundation Poznań and the Old Brewery New Dance programme in collaboration with the Institute of Music and Dance in Warsaw and the East European Performing Arts Platform will host the Polish premiere of Yanka Rudzka Project: Polyphonies. The piece is a creative follow-up to the project implemented in the spring of 2016 in the Brazilian city of Salvador de Bahia in collaboration with the Vivadança Festival. It was inspired by the unexpected discovery of Yanka Rudzka  (1916-2008), a Polish dancer who arrived in Salvador in 1956 to create the pioneering Dance School...


Muzeum Susch invites for the performance weekend entitled “Whos afraid of (Polish) choreography”

Between 30 November ? 1 December the Susch Museum in Switzerland is organising a performance weekend entitled Who?s afraid of (Polish) choreography? that is part of the Culturescapes: Polen festival. Joining the 15th anniversary celebrations of the Old Brewery ? New Dance programme, during two intense days Muzeum Susch will host a seven-person representation of Polish artists who, in the last decade, have made a generational change on the Polish dance scene. Presentations within the Acziun Susch programme and in co-operation with the Culturescapes: Polen festival offer Swiss audiences insights into the Polish landscape of current contemporary experimental practice. These...


Warsaw: Watch films made at workshops on “Filming Dance: Videodance and Recording Dance Performances”

You may already watch films made by participants of  workshops on "Filming Dance: Videodance and Recording Dance Performances" (18?22 September 2014, Studio Theatre, Warsaw). The workshops were devoted to the theory and practice of creating dance videos (led by Ewa Krasucka) and intellectual property law (led by Natalia Bartsch). Participants made their own film etudes presenting a choreography prepared specifically for the workshops by Robert Bondara.  The films featured: Robert Bondara, Aleksandra Liashenko, Adam Myśliński, Emilia Stachurska, Kurusz Wojeński.   Visit the Institute of Music and Dance's Youtube channel (IMITpolska) or watch the films below:           ...


Warsaw: “What do I see when I dance” open presentations of the outcomes of the Tuning Scores project (Lisa Nelson, Scott Smith)

From 8 April 2015, twelve Polish artists of different disciplines are partaking in a three-week choreographic project, entitled Tuning Scores, held as part of the programme Old Brewery New Dance in Poznań. The project is being led by American choreographer Lisa Nelson and British composer Scott Smith. Apart from shows at the Old Brewery (16-23 April), the group will showcase the outcomes of their work at the Centre for Contemporary Art ? Ujazdowski Castle in Warsaw (on 25 at 3 pm in the park outside of the CCA, or the courtyard if it rains, and on 26 April at 7...

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