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Poznań: SOLO PROJEKT 2013 The Night of Premieres: Baśka Gwóźdź, Korina Kordova, Agata Siniarska

The basic idea of Solo Project, launched in 2006 by Art Stations Foundation, is to support Polish dance artists in the search for their individual artistic language. The program is directed at professional dancers and beginner choreographers whose interests reach beyond traditionally understood dance theater. The project's main focus is put on the very process of creation and artistic experiment, with the hope that this leads to a reflection on the art of dance and, perhaps, a redefinition of the very concept of contemporary dance, or the search for new means of physical expression. The programme’s motto are the words of...


Berlin: Solo Project 2013 at Tanztage festival Baśka Gwóźdź, Korina Kordova, Agata Siniarska

We are proud to announce that last year’s Solo Project productions will be presented on 7 January at the international dance festival Tanztage Berlin (Sophiensæle, 8.30 pm). All three pieces – On 8th boulevard. right after sinuous curves by Korina Kordova, Destiny's Child by Baśka Gwóźdź and Death 24 frames per second or do it to me like in a real movie – delayed choreography in chapters by Agata Siniarska –came to life as part of the latest edition of Solo Project, a programme of the Art Stations Foundation by Grażyna Kulczyk, and debuted in October 2013 in Poznań (Old Brewery, Studio Słodownia +3).    ...


Lublin: Korina Kordova & Przemysław Kamiński become residents of maat festival borderline

At the turn of August and September, maat festival – border line is hosting a pair of new residents, Korina Kordova i Przemysław Kamiński, who are going to spend 11 days in Lublin working on their duo. Their work will be video recorded by Patrycja Płanik for her project DANCE.DOC.   The artists about the project: During our residency in Lublin we are going to explore the relation between choreography and witchcraft. We will be collecting magical objects, holding worm-ups/rituals, mixing secret concoctions, trying to communicate with spirits, undertaking astral travel, squatting other bodies, and floating outside of our bodies....


Poznań: Solo Project 2013 Scholarship for Gwóźdź, Kordova, Siniarska

The winners of this year's residence programme for young choreographers Solo Projects in Stary Browar (Art Stations Foundation) have been announced! For the third time these are independent female artists only: Baśka Gwóźdź, Korina Kordova and Agata Siniarska. In 2013 the artistic supervisor is Bush Hartshorn – art director of Dansehallerne in Copenhagen, dance curator, dramatist and performer who has selected together with the curator of the programme Joanna Leśnierowska three artists-in- residence and supports them in the creative process.   Artistic supervisorBush Hartshorn / UKHaving been a lorry driver for many years, Bush studied theatre at Dartington College of...


Prague: Flesh System’s #abyss.foodpossession at the Prague Quadrennial 2015

On Sunday, 21 June (2:30 pm) Flesh System (Korina Kordova, Przemek Kamiński, Mateusz Szymanówka) will present #abyss.foodposession, developed in association with the vegan food blogger Jadłonomia (Marta Dymek), at the Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space.   The culinary extravaganza #abyss.foodposession is a new incarnation of the performance #abyss.witchroulette created by the Flesh System collective (Korina Kordova, Przemek Kamiński, Mateusz Szymanówka) in 2013. This time the collective collaborates with the Polish vegan food blogger Jadłonomia (Marta Dymek). Come if you want to see what the devil eats in Praha.   Venue: Galerie U Betlémské kaple (Gallery at the Bethlehem...


Polish artists at 100 Berlin Festival

This year’s 100º Berlin Festival  (20-23 February 2014) features a range of productions from Poland’s dancers and choreographers.  Among them are the Coinspiration Dance Theatre with Thoughts…, a choreography by Adrian Rzetelski (21 February, 6 pm, Sophiensaele); Rafał Dziemidok/Koncentrat with My life in tears (22 February, 7 pm, HAU2); Katarzyna Wolińska with Hi Mary (22 February, 7 pm, Ballhaus Os) and Flesh System // Korina Kordova & Przemek Kamiński  with #abyss.witchroulette (22 February, 8 pm, Sophiensaele).   The event will also feature productions by Polish artists living and working abroad, namely Those three little words, a video series by Agata Siniarska and Diego...


Gdańsk: Premiere of Helena Ganjalyans remix of Ann van den Broek

On Friday, 30 August (7 pm), Biblioteka Tańca in Gdańsk (al. Grunwaldzka 44) will host the premiere of Helena Ganjalyan’s Une femme masculine featuring Korina Kordova. The duo is a remix, that is a work recycling another piece (yet not simply an “interpretation”, or a rendition of the original using different tools or a different arrangement, but a new piece referring to the previous one in content or form, in a discursive or contradicting manner). A remix oscillates between the things that were, are and may be. The past offers many probabilities, possibilities and paths of development. It provokes the future....


Poznań: This years Solo Project coming up in October

On Saturday, 5 October (7 pm) Poznań’s Stary Browar will host premieres of three solos which came to life as part of the Solo Project residency programme in 2013. This year’s artistic mentor has been Bush Hartshorn, artistic director of Dansehallerne Copenhagen, dance curator, dramaturge and performer. The 2013 Solo Project fellows have been: Korina Kordova, Agata Siniarska and Barbara Gwóźdź, making it the third year to feature female artists only.   Bush Hartshorn / UK   After a long and distinguished career as a truck driver, Bush graduated from Dartington College of Arts in 1982 with a degree in Theatre...


Lublin: Finale of the 5th Maat Festival border line starts on Saturday

On 14-17 December 2013 Lublin is hosting the 5th Maat Festival “border line”, Poland’s first residency festival. Inviting everybody to take part in the event, its curator, Tomasz Bazan, said:   “Throughout 2013, together with each of our dancers-in-residence, we’ve been discovering space for the body and looking for an individual place for the body through performance art. Our goal was process and everything that it involved – uncertainty, questions, lack of final conclusions or the comfort of knowing answers, but also – and above all – vivid, ever changing presence, free mind and willingness to meet another. Changing body,...

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