December 2018 

Paris: Presentation of Sylwia Hanff’s new-look “Beksiński_Butoh”

13 December 2018

On 14 December 2018 (8 pm), the Paris-based cultural centre Point Éphémère (200 Quai de Valmy) will present the new-look version of Beksiński_Butoh by Sylwia Hanff, the leader of the Limen Butoh Theatre. Beksiński_Butoh premiered in March 2016. The project was developed as an open form featuring contributions from various dance and music artists. This time, Sylwia Hanff extended her invitation to the French composer Michel Titin-Schnaider. The two met in 2017 at the "En chair et en Son" Festival in France. Beksiński_Butoh has been developed in partnership with the French association Aventures Electro Acoustiques, which promotes electroacoustic music through interdisciplinary projects combining dance, video and performance. Beksiński_Butoh will be presenteds as part of the Palimpseste project which cyclically showcases butoh performances set to acusmatic music. Aventures Electro Acoustiques is also the organizer of the International Festival "En chair et en Son" (a presentation of butoh dance and electroacoustic music).

Photo: Polish Dance Theatre.

Münster: Polish Dance Theatre and bodytalk to premiere their new piece “SOLIDARITOT i Solidar-noc”

12 December 2018

The Polish Dance Theatre of Poznań and bodytalk of Münster are pleased to invite everyone to the German premiere of their new piece SOLIDARITOT I Solidar-noc, which will take place on 12-13 December at 8 pm. The premiere will be hosted by Theater im Pumpenhaus in Münster (Gartenstraße 123). The piece was co-choreographed and co-directed by Yoshiko Waki, who has worked in Berlin with the originator of political dance theatre Johann Kresnik, and the director Rolf Baumgart, he co-founder of bodytalk. The piece marks the second collaboration between the Polish Dance Theatre and bodytalk after Jewrope (2014).


The Polish premiere SOLIDARITOT I Solidar-noc will take place on 18 December 2018 at the Studio Theatre in Warsaw as part of the Studio Dance Stage programme Piąta strona świata/Fifth Corner of the World (curators: Anna Królica & Adam Kamiński), followed by the Poznań premiere of the piece on 20 December at the “Zamek” Culture Centre.


Photo: Maurycy Stankiewicz.

Warsaw: Ania Nowak’s “Future Tongues” to premiere next week

29 November 2018

Next week, on Thursday, 6 December (7 pm), Nowy Teatr in Warsaw will host the premiere of Języki przyszłości/Future Tongues directed and choreographed by Ania Nowak as part of Tomasz Plata’s curatorial cycle TEATR 2118. Repeat presentations will take place on 7 and 8 December. Performing the piece will be Oskar Malinowski, Aleksandra Osowicz, Rafał Pierzyński and Jaśmina Polak.


About the piece: This will be a year full of tense atmosphere, unforeseen events and surprises. Your calm character will be put to the test and you are very likely to lose your legendary calm. You will encounter strange people trying to destabilize you, forcing you to change your habits and give up some of the things you hold on to so dearly. This year pervades with misunderstanding. It will be required of you to deal with some form of manipulation. Keep your eyes wide open and remember to keep your cool. Sort out everything that is required of you. The changes will not just be negative. There are going to be many opportunities to meet other people, but you will prefer to focus on testing your personal charm rather than searching for serious involvement.

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