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Zdjęcie: Agnieszka  Kamińska

Nokturny. Fot. Jerzy Nowak.

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Agnieszka Kamińska – dancer, singer, co-founder of Amareya Theatre (2003). Vocal instructor, culture promoter, student of oustanding vocal, body and movement teachers. She has long-standing experience in butoh dance, contemporary dance techniques, improvisation, contact improvisation, expressive dance, authentic movement, Body Mind Centering, many vocal techniques, vocal therapy and relaxation techniques. She studied, among others, with: Wojciech Mochniej, Melissa Monteros, Leszek Bzdyl, Zygmunt Molik, Olga Szwajgier, Ang Gey Pin, Antonie Svobodova, Hiroyo Kitao, Guillermo Horta, Natalka Polovynka, Siergiej Kovalevych, Nigar Hasib, Shamal Amin, and butoh dancers: Imre Thorman, Atsushi Takenouchi, Yuri Nagaoka, Daisuke Yoshimoto, Joan Laage, Itto Morita, Mika Takeuchi, Minako Seki, Yumiko Yoshioka, and many others.

She has produced vocal sets for theatre performances and musical projects. She has created original education and art programme in the field of physical and vocal development for adults and youth as well as for disabled and addicted.

Ocaleni. Na skraju nieba. Fot. Jacek Sobociński.
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Agnieszka Kamińska. Materiały własne,
Nokturny. Fot. Jerzy Nowak.





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