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Zdjęcie: Agnieszka Muczyń

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Agnieszka Muczyń – dancer, instructor, choreographer. She graduated in “contemporary dance” from the Performing Arts School (PPSKAK) in Kalisz and physiotherapy from the College of Education and Administration in Poznań. In 2005 she defended her thesis Merce Cunnngham – life and works (PPSKAK in Kalisz) under the tutelage of Witold Jurewicz.

As a student in Kalisz, she performed in choreographies by Bartek Serowik, Agnieszka Kubicka and Marta Szymborska. She also took part in performances of a dance contemporary group Studnia: Na dobranoc przed ślubem (choreography by Anna Wytych-Wierzgacz, 2004) and Po drodze (choreography by Jacek Owczarek, 2005). A dancer of ALTER Dance Theatre of Witold Jurewicz. She performed in the following of its choreographies: Poniżej nieba, czyli seks po polsku (2006), Neutron (2007), Shitty Dance Shitty (2008) by Witold Jurewicz. She has collaborated with Pracownia Fizyczna (Łódź) run by Jacek Owczarek, taking part in Zdarzenia (2010).

She performed in Peer Gynt by Paweł Miśkiewicz in Drama Theatre in Warsaw (2007) and in a musical A Midsummer Night’s Dream directed by Wojciech Kościelniak in Nowy Theatre in Poznań (2008). As an author of stage movement and dance instructor, she has collaborated with the Białołęka Community Centre in Warsaw (Theatre 13, Cometa Theatre).

She is a multi-award winner of national and international contemporary dance competitions and festivals, among others “The Best Duo” at Solo&Duo Festival in Budapest for the performance 46 created together with Paweł Malicki. She twice won a scholarship from the tv programme Dolina Kreatywna, or what young art is looking for.

Agnieszka Muczyń. Fot. z archiwum autorki.
Barbara Zdunk - ostatnia czarownica, reż. i chor. Bartek Serowik. Fot. z archiwum autorki.
46 - Kentaki Dance Connection, chor. Paweł Malicki. Fot. z archiwum autorki.
46 - Kentaki Dance Connection, chor. Paweł Malicki. Fot. z archiwum autorki.
46, Młodzieżowy Dom Kultury w Kaliszu. Fot. z archiwum autorki.





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