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Zdjęcie: Alicja Miszczor

Photo: Olga Baca Obart Studio

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Alicja Miszczor was born in 1982 and is currently based in Cracow. She is a physical theatre actress, dancer and improviser. She teaches contemporary dance improvisation, physical theatre and movement composition. She graduated in contemporary dance from the National Junior College of Culture Animation (Państwowe Pomaturalne Studium Kształcenia Animatorów Kultury) in Kalisz contemporary dance specialisation. She is also the holder of the Scholarship granted by the Alternative Dance Academy in Poznań, affiliated with the Art Stations Foundation. She is a certified choreotherapy instructor (she uses the Movement Improvisation and Body 


In 20082015, she danced at Iwona Olszowskas Experimental Dance Studio, where she worked on dance improvisation using the BMC approach and featured in performances Light Cube Brother and Dziwne Nie-pokoje, and a few lecture-performances,  including Chodźcie, pokażemy Wam, co robimy developed in cooperation with Pracownia Fizyczna in Łódź. From 2013 through 2015, she collaborated with the Barakah Theatre in Cracow as part of the project Dance Zone at the Barakah Theatre, implemented in collaboration with the Institute of Music and Dance as part of the Scene for Dance 2015 programme. Throughout that period, Miszczor participated in several performances choreographed by Iwona Olszowska (Para con Tamgo Club, Wodo-Stany, Przeźroczystość). She also created the following solo pieces at the Barakah Theatre Zdjęcie, Kobieta z sercem, Klementyna, Duo. She also featured as dancer and author of video dance projects including Body lab-Dotyk, Desmia, Inside. She also created her own performative projects Drzewa, Trip, Wyspa, Between, Liście, Krótka historia dwóch bagaży.


She developed her own bodywork method Inter Art Dance, which combines theatre, dance, sound/voice, image and written word. She is a certified instructor of Hatha Yoga.

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