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Zdjęcie: Anna Haracz

Photo: Violetta Kaszubowska.

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Anna Haracz founder and artistic director of the Kino Variatino Dance and Music Theatre (1998), choreographer, yoga and meditation teacher. Together with the theatre, she presents her own performances in the Tricity offstage milieu, as well as at theatre and dance festivals in Poland and abroad. So far, Haracz has produced 20 original performances and participated in numerous artistic projects. A graduate of the State College of Animators of Culture and Librarians in Wrocław, she specializes in dance and holds professional dancer qualifications issued by the Polish Association of Stage Artists (ZASP).


She has studied with such movement, dance, and vocal artists as Marek Oleksy, Witold Jurewicz, Iwona Olszowska, Jacek Łumiński, Leszek Bzdyl, Melissa Monteros, Ray Chang, Douglas Dunn, Mark Thompkins, David Zambrano, Lisa Nelson, Thomas Hauert, Ang Gey Ping, Ohad Naharin, Olga Szwajgier, and Zygmunt Molik, among others. An established contemporary dance teacher and certified hatha-yoga (Iyengar method, Introductory II) and Vinyasa Krama yoga teacher, Haracz has also developed her own programme of therapy through dance improvisation. She is involved in education of future occupational therapy instructors in the field of dance therapy.


Her performances and work usually involve a characteristic ambience, simple and clear form, a sense of presence, and circling around personal statements whose perception is highly sensitive. Senses supplant emotions as channels of communication. It is a dance of subtle movement, sounds, colours, costumes, props, dialogues, attentiveness, and harmonies, which all touch upon a precious layer of existence.





Kwietne wojny. Fot. Iwona i Jarosław Orłowscy.
Kwietne wojny. Fot. Iwona i Jarosław Orłowscy.
Fot. Violetta Kaszubowska.
Fot. Violetta Kaszubowska.





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