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KINO VARIATINO Theatre (formerly: Kino Variatino Dance and Music Theatre) was founded in 1998 by Anna Haracz, dancer, choreographer, and hatha yoga teacher, whose work has been chiefly devoted to broadly defined contemporary dance and a search for natural ways of creating movement through improvisation. Aside from movement, it is live music which plays an integral part in attaining dramatic tension. Visuals and costumes are created in close collaboration between artists, who nonetheless retain a high degree of independence in the creative process. In most cases, Kino Variatinos performances are not linear stories, instead trying to achieve a certain mood or establish a relationship with otherness, both familiar or foreign to us. Experimenting on the fringes of various fields of art, the company consistently delineates its own creative path which incessantly strives to penetrate a magical core.

Over several years of its activity in the Tricity, the Theatre has vitally contributed to the creation and development of dance cultures in the area and nationwide. It aims to both strive for artistry and animate it, e.g. through establishing the Tricity Dance Corporation Festival. Kino Variatino is also involved in broadly defined dance education and therapy, organizing workshops, lectures, and seminars.

The companys performances have been presented at dance and theatre festivals in Poland (Gdańsk, Kalisz, Lublin, Sopot, Cracow, Warsaw, Olecko, Gryfino, Poznań, Gniezno, Elbląg, Gdynia and others) and abroad (Estonia, Ukraine, Germany, the Czech Republic, Romania, Russia, Finland and others).

Others on the Theatre

Anna Haracz presented a fascinating performance. A brilliant artist without a doubt, her The Blue Resonance displays an in-depth awareness of the body, combined with masterful ease in employing various dance techniques and skilful vocal delivery (an ability which comes in handy also in dance theatre) and, last but not least, a sense of humour and an ability to treat herself at a distance. Haracz began by beautifully crafting the dramatic tension of her performance, attracting increasingly more attention which eventually verged on hypnosis, and finished by releasing the tension in a way which managed to avoid turning the piece into auto-parody and betraying its ambience. I would be delighted to see more of her at the future Encounters.

Andrzej Z.Kowalczyk, Kurier Lubelski

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