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Zdjęcie: Anna Jędrzejczak-Skutnik

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Anna Jędrzejczak-Skutnik – a graduate of the University in Toruń (Department of Archaeology and Ethnography). A dancer and choreographer. She co-operated with contemporary dance theatres in Toruńsk Akro and Za Kulisami, as well as Okazjany Theatre (currently: Sopot Dance Theatre). She participated in many contemporary dance workshops and regular workshop consultations, among other in Akro Theatre in Toruń (3 years) and with the founder of Dada von Bzdülöw Theatre Leszek Bzdyl (2 years). Currently she is an independent dancer, who works as a choreographer and performer, with dance artists from Gdańsk such as Iwona Gilarska, Ula Zerek (formerly Wróbel) and Lena Majewska, she has created performances which every year are presented at the Gdańsk Dance Festival (formerly Gdańsk Dance Corporation). She performed in Warsaw, Łódź, Lublin, Toruń, Bydgoszcz and Gdańsk (Żak Club) as well as in the gallery Modelarnia under the patronage of the Wyspa Progres Foundation. Since 2004, she also directed contemporary dance video performances. She won the culture scholarship from the city of Gdańsk and of the Pomeranian Province Government (2009).

Most important performances

Headphones, solo, 2004

Signum Temporis, Okazjonalny Theatre (Sopot Dance Theatre), 2004

Zaśladczanie – duet withUla Wróbel (currently: Zerek), 2004

Carpet Show, Okazjonalny Theatre (Sopot Dance Theatre), 2005

Tak na oko 35 – street performance with Lena Majewska and Ula Wróbel, 2005

System – with Lena Majewska and Adam Witkowski


Zaśladczanie (2004) – film being an integral part of the performance with the same title,

Madrid Barajas (2005) – mix of dance and performance filmed in a public space of the airport in Madrid

Sail to the Moon (2006) – film with music by Radiohead.

– Ślady (2006)

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