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Anna Steller. Portret. Fot. Jakub Wittchen

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Anna Steller is an actor, dancer and choreographer. She made her stage debut in 1993. It was then that she began her collaboration with Dada von Bzdülöw Theatre (Juicy flesh, 2005; Eden, 2006; Le Sacre, 2010; the jubilee Celebration, czyli koniec. I jeszcze raz! Celebration, or the end. And once again!, 2012; Zagraj to, czyli 17 tańców o czymś Play it, or 17 dances about something, 2013). In 19972004 she was guest dancer with the Gombrowicz Theatre in Gdynia and Wybrzeże Theatre in Gdańsk. Since 2013 she has been collaborating with Patrz Mi Na Usta Theatre run by Krzysztof Leon Dziemaszkiewicz, taking part in Cafe Domino zaprasza [Welcome To Domino Café] (2004), Dziewczęta z Zajęczego Wzgórza [Girls of the Hare Hill] (2004).Różana góra [Rose Mountain] (2005), and Variete Cameleon (2005).


Since 2000 she has also been creating her own stage projects, including Kochanek z akordeonem nie dożył premiery [The Lover with the Accordion didn’t Live to See the Premiere] produced in collaboration with Anna Haracz and Kino Variatino Theatre (2001); O!, a duo with Milena Rewińska (2003); and the solo La luta continua (2001). In 2005 she founded together with Magdalena Jędra the Good Girl Killer collective. Their creations include: Good Gril Killer (2005), Akcja [Action] (2008), Delia (duo with Jacek Krawczyk, 2009), Have a nice Hell (duo with Magdalena Jędra, 2010). Akcja and Delia were presented at the Polish Dance Platform in 2008 and 2010.


Recently, Steller has developed a number of performances, including Kronika Audiologiczna [Audiological Chronology] (closing of the exhibition of female art Łaźnia damska, 2011), Nieubłagane piękno katastrofy [Unrelenting Beauty of Disaster] (opening of the exhibition Telling the Baltic, Karlskrona 2012), and Przemieszczenie [Transportation] (Centre for Contemporary Art Łaźnia, Gdańsk; shown also as a guest performance at the Warsaw Dance Scene 2013). Together with Magdalena Jędra, they presented Tożsamość miejsca [Place Identity] (Grassomania Festival, Galeria Miejska, Gdańsk, 2009),  Lotta i Gula [Lotta and Gula] (2011), Le sni (2010) (Transvizualia Festival), and Dziewczynki w czewonych bucikach [Girls in Red Shoes] (Streetwaves Festival). Apart from dance pieces, Steller has been developing action performances and site-specific performances for years. Since 2011 she has been showing them at the Centre for Contemporary Art Łaźnia in Gdańsk.


She has also taken part in a range of international projects, including co-operation (2006) with Swiss, French and Polish choreographers; H.O.N.D (Hamburg 2006) directed by Mariola Brillowska; ODYS-SEAS (2004) directed by Leszek Bzdyl; Dni pozorne (2001), a play by Marek Brand, as well as many coaching projects, e.g. with Nigel Charnock. She has taken part in Happy created by Chatnock at Stary Browar in Poznań with selected Polish dancers. She has also collaborated with Anita Wach and Tomasz Bazan, to name a few.


In 2013, together with Anita Wach, Jan Borecki and the director himself, Steller performed in Bazans newest, collective choreography Whatever, which was premiered in October 2013 in Poznań as part of the performance art programme Archive of The Body. A month earlier she had performed in the premiere of Anita Wachs Gloria! (Gdansk Corporation of Dance; presentation as part of the 12th International Contemporary Dance Festival Body/Mind in Warsaw), alongside Anita Wach, Magdalena Jędra and Magdalena Tuka.


At the turn of June and July 2013 Steller was a resident of maat festival border line 2013 in Lublin, a platform for solo dancers. Throughout 2013 the Maat Studio of the Centre for Culture in Lublin hosted a string of eight artistic residencies. The work of the performers/dancers was recorded by Patrycja Płatnik, and the outcomes will be showcased in the form of performances and documentary films on 14-17 December during a festival concluding this years residency programme. Apart from Steller, the first edition of maat festival border line featured: Anita Wach, Magdalena Jędra, Kaya Kołodziejczyk, Rafał Urbacki, Przemek Kamiński, Korina Kordova, Barbara Bujakowska and Mikołaj Mikołajczyk. Stellers solo Solove will be premiered on 15 December.


Since 2002 she has run contemporary dance and improvisation workshops.


In 2003 she received the Dance Web Scholarship (workshops and the contemporary dance festival Impulstanz in Vienna). She was also handed a special prize awarded by the Marshal of Pomorskie Province to distinguished artists (2012) and the Young Artists Award from the Mayor of Gdańsk for Good Girl Killer (2007).


 List of works:



2012 – Przemieszczenie [Transportation] solo performance

2012 – Nieubłagane piękno katsatrofy [Unrelenting Beauty of Disaster]  solo

2011- Lotta i Gula [Lotta and Gula] performance (Good Girl Killer)

2011  Kronika Audiologiczna [Audiological Chronology] lecture performance

2010 – Have a nice Hell  stage piece (GGK)

2010 – Dziewczynki w czerwonych bucikach  performance (GGK)

2010  Le sni (GGK)

2010 – Konik Morski wiedziony swym popędem… [Seahorse (GGK)

2009 – Delia reż. Anna Steller

2008 – Akcja [Action] (GGK)

2005 – Good Girl Killer


Steller has also been involved in a range of performances of Dada von Bzdülöw Theatre whose list is available below.




Steller has also been involved in a range of performances of Dada von Bzdülöw Theatre whose list is available below.


Happy. Fot. Jakub Wittchen.
Delia. Fot. Jakub Wittchen.
Delia. Fot. Jakub Wittchen.
Delia. Fot. Jakub Wittchen.
Delia. Fot. Jakub Wittchen.
Anna Steller. Portret. Fot. Jakub Wittchen





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