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Zdjęcie: Arkadiusz Gumny

Junkie. Fot. Tomasz Zerek.

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Arkadiusz Gumny – ballet soloist of the Moniuszko Grand Theatre in Poznań. Graduate of the Olga Sławska-Lipczyńska Ballet School in Poznań. In 1998, after graduating, he joined the Grand Theatre in Poznań where he became a ballet soloist within a few years.

He co-operated with many Polish and foreign choreographers, such as Conrad Drzewiecki, Henryk Konwiński, Teresa Kujawa, Emil Wesołowski, Barbara Gołaska, Andrzej Glegolski, Grey Veredon, Waldemar Wołk-Karaczewski, Karina Elver, Montserrat Leon and Giovanni di Palma.

His numerous solo parts in ballets include: The Nutcracker,Romeo and Juliet,The Peacock and the Girl, Ballets by Marek Różycki,Mandragora,Myths,Rehearsal,Medea, A Midsummer Night’s Dream,Ninth Symphonyof Ludwig van Beethoven,Chronicle of a Death Foretold andSalto ergo sum. In his career he has also played leading roles in the following ballets: The Count of Monte Cristo,Swan Lake,Zorba the Greek,Don Quixote,Pan Twardowski,Harnasie, Ballets of Conrad Drzewiecki,Firebird,Scheherazade,Giselle,The Creation(Uwe Scholz),La Sylphideand Four Last Songs byStrauss and choreographed by Rudi van Danzig.

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