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Artur Grabarczyk

  • choreographer
  • pedagogue
  • dancer
Zdjęcie: Artur Grabarczyk

Photo courtesy of Artur Grabarczyk's private archive

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Artur Grabarczyk is a dancer and choreographer. He graduated from the Gdańsk Ballet School and the Northern School of Contemporary Dance in Leeds (UK), where he received his Bachelor of Arts degree. He completed his studies with honors (First Class Degree). Appreciated by the popular magazines “Dance Europe,” “Dancing Times” and “Dance.”

He has collaborated with the Baltic Dance Theatre, AP Group, Scottish Dance Theatre, Zawirowania Dance Theatre, Warsaw Dance Museum, Warsaw Chamber Opera, and the Center for Dance Art in Warsaw.

Among Grabarczyk’s many projects in Poland and abroad, his four-year stint at Scottish Dance Theatre–one of the most prestigious dance theater companies in the world–deserves a special mention. While with the SDT, he worked with a host of great artists: choreographers, dancers, designers, producers, musicians, visual artists or computer game developers. Among the choreographers in whose productions he performed with the company were Damien Jalet (Yama), Sharon Eyal (Process Day), Anton Lachky (Dreamers), Jo Strømgren (Winter, again), Fleur Darkin (SisgoVelvet PettalInnocence).

Grabarczyk is the author of the performances When he has given sleepREM – Rapid Eye MovementSiCK, Eight ChaptersOther SideRavnfjærChrome ParadiseEmbodiment TheoryPersons you may knowMistde light.

After a 10-year absence, Grabarczyk returned to Gdańsk. He is currently working with Compagnie Didier Théron (France), the Gdańsk Shakespeare Theatre, the Body/Mind Foundation, the Theater and Dance Centre in Warsaw, the Sopot Dance Theatre and the Gdańsk Ballet School. He runs the company, to which he dedicates his choreographic explorations. In 2021, he created three productions: Mist (as the winner of the Shakespeare OFF Productions competition for the Gdańsk Shakespeare Theatre), de light (as the laureate of the Residency/Premiere competition organized by the Gdansk Dance Festival/Żak Club), and Persons You May Know (with the design group).

In 2019, he was awarded a scholarship by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage, and was nominated for the Barbara Bittnerówna Dance Award, presented for outstanding stage performances.

He has performer and taught dance techniques in many countries around the world, including Great Britain, Portugal, France, Romania, Poland, Albania, Italy, Germany, Belarus, Ukraine, India, China, Mexico, South Korea, and Brazil.

Fot. z archiwum Artura Grabarczyka
Fot. z archiwum Artura Grabarczyka
Fot. z archiwum Artura Grabarczyka
Fot. z archiwum Artura Grabarczyka
Fot. z archiwum Artura Grabarczyka
Fot. z archiwum Artura Grabarczyka





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