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Artur Grabarczyk is a dancer, choreographer, dance teacher and filmmaker. He graduated from the Gdańsk Ballet School and the Northern School of Contemporary Dance in Leeds (UK), where he received his Bachelor of Arts degree. He has recently been linked with the Scottish Dance Theatre.


At the age of 18, towards the end of his education at the Gdańsk Ballet School, he was engaged by the Baltic Dance Theatre affiliated with the Baltic Opera in Gdańsk. While with the Baltic Dance Theatre, he performed in such productions as Romeo and JulietMans Dance, ChopinartOut, while also appearing in the Baltic Operas The Nutcracker and a number of opera cameos. In September 2010, he danced in Andrzej Morawiecs piece Dreams of Freedom, staged at the Gdańsk Shipyard.


After two seasons in Poland, he moved to the UK, where he enrolled in the Northern School of Contemporary Dance in Leeds. As a student at the NSCD, he participated in workshops with such pedagogues as Hofesh Shechter and James Wilton. As a senior, he founded the student dance theatre AP Group, where he created REM  Rapid Eye Movement, presenting it in Leeds. The group also visited Poland, where they held workshops in the Tri-city. Grabarczyk completed his studies with a First Class Degree in 2013, and his diploma piece was mentioned by renowned dance magazines, Dance Europe and Dancing Times.


While still a student, he was engaged by the Scottish Dance Theatre, where he began to work in September 2014. He has danced in the companys entire repertoire, working with outstanding choreographers, dancers, designers, producers and musicians. His collaborations include, among others, Damien Jalet (Yama) and Sharon Eyal (Process Day). Together with the company, he has performed and taught around the world, among others in the UK, Italy, Romania, India, China, Mexico, South Korea, and Brazil. He also provides the company with digital services, including publicity and poster photographs, and films.


At this stage of his career, he had the pleasure of collaborating with such choreographers as Damien Jalet, Sharon Eyal, Anton Lachky, Jo Strmgren, Fleur Darkin, Ann Vachon, Emil Wesołowski, Douglas Thorpe, Jorge Crecis, Andrzej Morawiec, Jennifer-Lynn Crawford, Henri Oguike, Matthew Robinson, Laszlo Nyakas, Sally Owen, and Roman Komassa.  


In 2016, he returned to Poland, where he participated in the Warsaw Dance Museum project developed by the Format Zero Artistic Association and Collective (2017). Warsaw Dance Museum presents the oeuvre of the pioneers of modern dance in Warsaw in 1918-1939, interpreted by contemporary Warsaw-based dancers and choreographers (Grabarczyk participated in the project as Feliks Parnell).


Grabarczyk also collaborates with the Zawirowania Dance Theatre. He also performs in the collective choreography BackupWhere Should We Go by Karolina Kroczak; and Black Out choreographed by Bartek Woszczyński, developed in collaboration with the Zawirowania Dance Theatre.


Fot. z archiwum artysty.
Fot. z archiwum artysty.
Fot. z archiwum artysty.





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