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Aurora Lubos has been active on the Gdańsk dance scene since 1997, collaborating with the Gdańsk Dance Theatre, the Baltic Sea Culture Centre, Bałtycki Uniwersytet Tańca [Baltic University of Dance], the Dada von Bzdulow Theatre, Club Winda, Club Żak, and the Specialist Support Centre in Rusocin.


In 2000 she joined the Vincent Dance Theatre, UK, as an actress.

As an independent artist she has developed the following pieces:

– solos: Zanzibar, Niedokończone [Unfinished], Nóż , Koń i Schody [Knife, Horse and Stairs], AKTY [ACTS]
– installations: Still Alive, Cykl Pokarmowy [Food Cycle]
– performances: AKT1 [ACT1], 4 Kąty [4 Corners], Akt na dwie Ostatki [Act for Two Leftovers]
– short animations (the series Winter 2010).

She has collaborated with Avi Kaiser, Charlotte Vincent, Liz Aggiss, Wendy Houston, Jacek Staniszewski , Jerzy Mazzoll, Honorata Martin, Bronek Duży, Leszek Bzdyl, Tatiana Baganowa.

Born in 1977 in Tarnowskie Góry, Poland, she now lives and works in a small village near the town of Skarszewy, south of Gdańsk, and in Brighton, UK. 



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