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Zdjęcie: Bartosz Kondracki

Photo: Sebastian Ćwikła.

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Bartosz   Kondracki dancer of the Baltic Dance Theatre. He was born   in Siedlce. He took his first dance steps in the Caro Dance modern dance   company from Sieldce. He received numerous national, European and world championship titles, e.g. Modern Dance Solo Vice-Champion. He graduated from The University of Arts and Sciences in Kielce. Then, he joined the Kielce Dance Theatre where he was a dancer until   December 2008. In 2011, he received a dancer diploma from the Polish Actors Association. In April 2010 he created, together with Agnieszka Artych, Ad Infinitum for the competition   Residence 2010 announced by Żak Club in Gdańsk.


Since January 2009 he has been a dancer of the Baltic Dance Theatre where he has performed in Romeo and Juliet, The Rite of Spring, Waiting for, Windows, Out, Cool Fire, Midsummer Nights Dream, Death and Maiden, Fun, Light, Body Master, The Tempest, Phaedra by Izadora Weiss, Dream by Wojciech Misiuro, Chopinart+ by Emil Wesołowski, Cinderella by Eugenio Scigliano, Six Dances, Sarabande by Jiří Kylián and Clash by Patrick Delcroix.






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