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Bożena Eltermann dancer, choreographer, culture promoter. Since 1989 an active dance theatre artist in Tricity. In 19891995 she was a soloist at Ekspresja Theatre of Wojciech Misiura, the forerunner of dance theatre in Poland, later a soloist at Krzysztof Leon Dziemaszkiewiczs Patarz Mi na Usta Theatre (19952006), and a dancer at Wojciech Mochniej and Melissa Monteros’ Gdańsk Dance Theatre (19971998).


In 1998 she founded Cynada Theatre, where she has created her own choreographies, including: Cynada (1998), Tranquila (1999), Prince with lillies (2001), solo waran.las.piniowy (2003), Tanzschule (2006) and solo Hexelolita (2009) with Tricity artists, such as Marek Kakaerenko and Krzysztof Leon Dziemaszkiewicz; as well as co-productions with Patrz Mi na Usta Theatre directed by Dziemaszkiewicz: Radio Metaphysic (1998), National Drag Queen (2003), Welcome to Cafe Domino (2004) and Variete Cameleon (2005).


Since 2001 a member of Artists Colony located on the sites of the former Gdańsk Shipyard. There Eltermann runs her studio in which all major dance theatres of Tricity such as Good Girl Killer, Dada Von Bzdülöw Theatre, Patrz Mi Na Usta Theatre, Cynada Theatre, as well as dancers and choreographers Julia Mach and Filip Szatarski create their productions. Studio also cooperates with Wybrzeże Theatre, Baltic Sea Culture Centre, TwO Windows Theatre and Shakespearean Theatre. The place is an inspiration and workplace for photographers, multimedia artists and musicians.


Bożena Eltermann took part in international projects of various artists, including: Mellisa Monteros (USA), Paula Ros (Canada), Maiki Hauru (Finland), Mariola Brillowska (Germany). As a performer and choreographer she also cooperated with Maciek Maleńczuk, Wojtek Waglewski, Gabi Kulka and Sopot SPHINX Foundation. She was a member of Pomerania Voivodeship delegation for Expo 2010 in Shanghai.


In January 2011 she founded Kompania Bruno Theatre in Olsztyn.


Eltermann was granted scholarships: for Amsterdam International Production Management in The Performing Arts programme for culture managers, of Ministry of Culture and National Heritage in Warsaw and of Faculty of Culture in Gdańsk. She is also a president of Grawitacja Foundation promoting dance theatre in Poland.


waran.las.piniowy. Fot. Michał Szlaga.
waran.las.piniowy. Fot. Michał Szlaga.
waran.las.piniowy. Fot. Michał Szlaga.
Punkt zwrotny. Fot. Jerzy Bartkowski.





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