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Cezary Tomaszewski - fot. materiały festiwalu Dialog

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Cezary Tomaszewski – born in 1976, choreographer, director, performer. He lives in Cracow and Vienna.

He studied theatre theory at the State Drama School in Warsaw and choreography at Brucknerkonservatorium Linz. Earlier he graduated from the Józef Elsner State Music School in Warsaw.

For his own version of Lehar’s operetta The Merry Widow featuring four Polish cleaning ladies, he was rewarded by Theater Heute and Falter the title of the best young director and the best off theatre choreography of 2009 in Austria. He is also the author of the famous production of Monteverdi’s madrigals m.m.m. bar.okowa uczta with Capella Cracoviensis, presented in one of the Cracow’s milk bars.

Together with the students of the Bytom’s Faculty of Dance Theatre he produced Hamlet – presented in 2011 at Dialog in Wrocław as the only student performance in the festival’s history. Tomaszewski’s purely dance projects include also Dance Tetralogy, produced in Lausanne in 2005 and featuring Agata Winska and Agnieszka Dmochowska, as well as a duo Strawberry Muffin featuring Sabile Rasiti. In Last Temptation of Saint Bernadette – presented at Tanzquartier in Vienna – the choreographer was inspired by the story of Saint Bernadette who, according to catholic tradition, was one of the celebrants of the appearance of the Lady of Lourdes. According to the tradition, Bernadette’s body exhumed after thirty years had no signs of decomposition and looked as if the Saint were sleeping. Tomaszewski “awakened” Bernadetta – but this time in a man’s body.

As a performer he worked with Willi Dorner and Charlotte Vincent. In drama theatre he collaborated, as a choreographer, with Jan Peszek, Barbara Wysocka and Monika Strzępka.

Cezary Tomaszewski - fot. materiały festiwalu Dialog
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