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Zdjęcie: Eliza Hołubowska

Eliza Hołubowska

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Eliza Hołubowska – a professional dancer, instructor, choreographer; MA in social/cultural promotion, physiotherapist, lecturer at TOP-ART School Complex, and of postgraduate programme – dance pedagogy in Szczecin, juror and instructor of dance festivals. She specializes in contemporary dance. She constantly develops her knowledge by taking part in various projects and training courses, both in contemporary dance and improvisation.

In 1999–2004, Eliza Hołubowska lived and worked in Kalisz, as a dancer of ALTER Dance Theatre of Witold Jurowicz. While in Kalisz, she was granted the title of professional dancer from Polish Stage Artists Association (ZASP) in Warsaw. Since 2005 she has been employed by the Gryfino Community Centre as an instructor and choreographer of VOGUE Dance Theatre (currently EGO VU). EGO VU is a multi-award winner and participant of prestigious international dance festivals.

Eliza Hołubowska’s artistic achievement was recognized by the city government several times – she was rewarded by the Mayor of Kalisz in 2003, in 2007/2008 she was twice rewarded by the Starost of Gryfino for promoting the county, she received two “Bocian (Stork) Statuettes” in the category of “Culture Organizer” and “Artist of the Year”, and in 2010 and 2011 – she was twice nominated for WODNIKI by the City and District Mayor of Gryfino.

For several years, Eliza Hołubowska, as a dancer and choreographer, has collaborated with KANA Theatre in Szczecin, the Schloss Bröllin International Art Research Location in Germany, near Pasewalk and Szczecin.

She participated in several international projects: twice with Be van Vark (Germany), Hilke Diemer (Netherlands), Kenneth Flak (Sweden), Leszek Mądzik (Poland). Currently, she regularly collaborates, as a dancer and choreographer, with Uckermärkische Bühnen Schwedt in Germany.

She also launched and organized a dance workshop KINESFERA at the Opera in Castle in Szczecin, currently she created JESIENNA SCENA TAŃCA (Autumn Dance Stage) which takes place in Gryfino and is a unique regular dance festival in the West Pomerania Province.

The author of stage movement for I było wolno at the Stefan Jaracz Theatre in Olsztyn and Dzikie łabędzieci at PLECIUGA Theatre in Szczecin. A dance consultant for the musical Noc w środku dnia by Anna Dramowicz in Olsztyn.

Eliza Hołubowska (z lewej) w spektaklu Deteriorations, chor. Hendrik Kaalund. Fot. Marta Suszyńska
Eliza Hołubowska (pierwsza z prawej, przodem) w spektaklu Deteriorations, chor. Hendrik Kaalund. Fot. Marta Suszyńska





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