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Zdjęcie: Eugeniusz Papliński

Fot. P. Gamdzyk/@ Opera na Zamku w Szczecinie

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Dancer, choreographer, ballet director. Born on 18 September 1908 in Warsaw, died on 31 May 1978 in Warsaw. In 1928 he graduated from the ballet school in Warsaw; however, already in 1925 he joined the Teatr Wielki’s ballet and after performing in Petrushka, he was a soloist in 1926–1934. In 1931, while the ballet had a break in performing, he was engaged by a remote Opera in Dom Żołnierza, where he started his work as a choreographer. In 1933 he was a guest dancer in Alhambra theatre. In 1935 he was a member of Parnell’s ballet. In 1936 he started to collaborate with the Warsaw operetta theatres as a choreographer and dancer. Until the Second World War he played a duet with Miła Kołpikówna. In the 30’s he taught classical dance in Tacjanna Wysocka’s school. During the War he performed in official theatres: Niebieski Motyl, Jar and Maska. In 1945–1949 he performed with Kołpikówna on tours with the group named the Eugeniusz Papliński Art Concert Group in 1947–1948 . He collaborated, as a choreographer with, Cracow drama theatres. In the season 1949/1950 he was the ballet director and soloist of the Opera in Poznań. In 1950–1954 he was a choreographer of “Mazowsze” Folk Song and Dance Group. In 1955 he organized the Polish Dance Group. He headed the Group until 1961. After the Group was disbanded, he joined the Warsaw opera together with a group of his dancers, where in the season 1961/1962 he was the ballet director and choreographer. In 1962 he has not been in any group; he created choreographies for Polish and foreign opera and drama theatres.

Most important parts: Pulcinella’s looklike (Pulcinella), Baletmistrz Morys (Obrazek sprzed stu lat), Diabeł (Pan Twardowski), The Peacock (The Peacock and the Girl), Poet (Le Carnival), Young Man (Walpurgisnacht).

Most important choreographies: Ballets: The Peacock and the Girl, Le Carnival, Walpurgisnacht, Harnasie (Komische Oper in Berlin, Cracow, Warsaw, Wrocław, Poznań), Wesele krakowskie w Ojcowie (Wrocław), La fille mal gardée (Łódź, Szczecin); choreographies for operettas: The Merry Widow, Zakochana królowa, Die keusche Susanne, Rosa Marie, Gräfin Mariza, Królowa przedmieścia, The Italian Straw Hat and Romans z wodewilu; for drama theatre: Masquerade, Mazepa, An Ancient Tale, opera choreographies, including multiple choreographies for Moniuszko’s Halka (Poznań, Prague, Budapest, Helsinki, Berlin, Warsaw, Dresden, Vienna, Cracow, Havana, Toronto); the first programme of “Mazowsze” Folk Song and Dance Group.

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