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Zdjęcie: Fabian Fejdasz

Photo: Andrzej Grabowski

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Fabian Fejdasz is a dancer, young member of the Union of Polish Stage Artists Dance and Ballet Section. He began his dancing careers as a member of the MAK dance group in Zabrze. He was a choreographer at the inauguration of the Culture section of the Fashionable Silesia programme, and danced with the Kielce Dance Theatre, where he performed the piece znieWOLeni [Enslaved]. In 2015 he passed the extramural exam for dance graduate and was awarded a diploma of the Polish Union of Stage Artists (ZASP). In 2016, he realised his solo play Symptoma, which was awarded at the International Solo Dance Contest 2016 organised as part of the 8th Gdańsk Dance Festival, and was a finalist of the 3…2…1…DANCE! Choreographic Competition in 2016. He participated in a number of prestigious festivals worldwide, including the Masada Opera Festival in Israel, and the First Silk Road International Arts Festival in China. In 2016 he collaborated with Jan Komasa on the multimedia spectacle Xenophony: A Symphony for the Other, presented at the Malta Festival in Poznań.





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